5 Easy Ways to Have a Super Productive Weekend

If you’re anything like us, you’re doing some serious running around this week. Between work, school, appointments, your kids, and errands, the week tends to fill up fast with things to do and people to see. It feels as though your evenings fly by each night, but your to-do list doesn’t get all that much smaller.

If you’re feeling this way now, take advantage of the coming weekend to finally tackle that to-do list. While the weekends can tend to book up, a little planning can set you on the right path to checking items off your list. But how?

  1. Wake up on the early side. Weekend mornings tend to be much slower than weekday mornings and therefore become a great time to get stuff done. Weekend mornings also offer fewer distractions than the afternoons and evenings do, as fewer people are up and about to make plans and suggest unproductive (albeit enjoyable) activities. Set your alarm on the earlier side to maximize productivity.
  2. But sleep if you need to. While waking up early is a key part of productivity, accomplishing your to-do list while sleep deprived isn’t a recipe for success. If you didn’t get much sleep this week, add “getting some zzz’s” to your weekend to-do list. The more well-rested you are, the more likely you’ll be to get stuff done.
  3. Prioritize: pick the tasks on your to-do list that will have the highest impact, then accomplish those first. If your to-do list is dauntingly long, it will feel like it’s too difficult to make a dent. However, by accomplishing those tasks that will benefit you most in the long run (even if they might take the most time), you’re maximizing your free time and productivity. Plus, it will benefit you during the week ahead to know that you accomplished an important to-do this weekend rather than a bunch of little ones that could’ve been done in spare minutes throughout the week.
  4. On that note, allocate a specific amount of time to accomplishing your to-do list, then stick to it. Set a timer if you need to! Trying to beat the clock frees your mind from distractions and makes it more likely that you’ll stick to accomplishing your list.
  5. Pick one day to be obligation-free. While it’s always wonderful to check things off your to-do list, you also need to use the weekend for fun and relaxation! Enjoying yourself is just as important as accomplishing your goals, particularly as a way to avoid burnout and, most significantly, find joy in your life. One way to do this? Use Sunday for crossing off errands and to-do’s from your list, and delegate Saturday as your fun, relaxing day!

All in all, listen to your brain’s signals and enjoy the weekend for what it is. If you feel fatigued, sleep. If your mind is itching to get stuff done, follow the steps above to maximize productivity. No matter what you make of it, enjoy your weekend feeling accomplished, rested, and joyful; after all, that’s what the time off is for!

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