Actual Ways to Get out of Bed to Work Out

“Lay out your clothes the night before!’ they say.

“Keep your goals in mind,” they chant.

“Visualize your workout,” they coo.

No matter what tips experts give for getting out of bed to work out, if you’re not a morning person, it can feel like a truly impossible task. In your sleep, you shut off the many alarms you set with great intentions. Your clothes the night before look dreadful compared to your comforter. And your goals – no matter how much you want to accomplish them – don’t seem so set in stone when your bed at the time feels better than any workout can.

But many non-morning-people have figured out a way to make morning workouts a habit, and they’re better off for it. In fact, they swear by it! And working out in the morning has some serious benefits: it boosts your metabolism for the day ahead, guarantees you get a workout in without after-work plans getting in the way, and revs up your productivity and endorphins all day long.

The key to making this work is creating the habit. And to make it a habit, you need to make it happen multiple times per week until it feels natural. But how do you start with that first day and first week?

Find the right alarm. Conventional alarm not working for you? A typical alarm clock makes it so easy to hit “snooze” without another thought. Find an alarm clock that gradually lights up until your room is bright like daylight. That way, even in the darker winter months, your brain will signal itself to wake up. Even better: find an alarm clock that can play music and sync it to your workout playlist! Getting those beats pumping will get you in the mood instantly. And remember: keep the alarm away from your bed, so you’re forced out of the covers to turn it off.

Place coffee and a yummy pre-gym snack (preferably something chocolate-y that’s worth waking up for) next to your bed the night before. Even if the coffee’s cold in the morning, the taste will awaken your senses enough to get you out of bed and into the gym. Ensure that your pre-gym breakfast is quick, easy, and worth eating early in the morning.

Schedule your heat to turn on a half hour or so before your wake-up time so getting out from under the covers isn’t so hard. One of the biggest obstacles to getting out of bed is the warmth of the covers. It’s so cozy –especially in the winter – to stay underneath all the blankets and hide from the cold outdoors. Make sure to schedule your heater to turn on before you wake so your room isn’t quite as cold… making it SO much easier to get out of your warm bed.

Once one foot is out of bed, go straight to the bathroom and splash water on your face. Cold water will get you out of dreamland instantly… and once you’re up, it’s easy to stay up.

Schedule brunch – or another reward – after your workout. There’s nothing better than heading out for eggs and bacon (and maybe a Bloody Mary!) on a Sunday morning with close friends. Frame the brunch as a reward for a good workout, or pretend that brunch is an hour earlier and get to the gym first. We don’t know about you, but we’re certainly motivated by food!

There you have it – five easy tips for getting out of bed early to work out. What are your best strategies? Leave a few in the comments below!

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