Easy Ways to Make a Friend Smile

We don’t know about you, but making others happy makes us happy. There’s something so rewarding about putting a smile on a friend, family member, or even stranger’s face that can simply make our days brighter.

Sometimes it seems like we interact more with computers than real live people these days. Sure, we may be interacting with other people via our social channels, but less and less so face-to-face. While these technological mediums work wonders in bringing people together – for instance, connecting you to a loved one who lives across the globe – it also limits our daily face-to-face interactions with the other humans that surround us. There’s so much value in putting a smile on someone’s face – and then actually being able to see it in person.

This week, take a step back and put a smile on someone’s face that you can actually see. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to do something wonderful for someone you care about – that will literally make their day. Try these ideas:

  1. Send a handwritten note. When’s the last time you got a handwritten card in the mail? When sifting through bills, junk mail, and catalogs, our hearts skip a beat when a handwritten note from a loved one is mingled within all the boring junk. Take time to congratulate someone on a goal achieved or a job well done, or simply write to thank them for being a great friend. Sometimes the personal touch of your handwriting and a heartfelt message is all someone needs to perk up.
  2. Give them a phone call. Texting can only get us so far in communicating fully with each other. Texting and email are convenient, yes, but hearing someone’s voice, mood, tone, and excitement are even better. Pick up the phone this week and call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Even if they’re busy and don’t pick up, they’ll appreciate the gesture!
  3. Ask what one’s goals are, then give your friend something to help them achieve it. Everyone has those goals that linger in the back of their mind, but people hardly talk about them. Perhaps it’s a fear of accountability or an independent mind, but talking about one’s goals is one of the critical aspects of achieving them. Ask a friend to talk about their goals (either long-term or short) and send them a small package with a gift that will help them make that goal happen. Even a small notebook where they can track their progress is wonderful!
  4. Praise or compliment them publicly. It’s easy to shoot someone a text or email with a compliment (and that’s always welcome). But praising someone in front of others takes the extra step. Sure, it may embarrass them, but showing your appreciation in front of others only magnifies it.
  5. Surprise with a meal. Nothing brings people together like the smell and taste of good food. A meal is a great thing to share with a friend, as not only does it nourish the body, it can nourish the soul. Whip up your friend’s favorite meal and leave it at their doorstep on a day that’s been particularly difficult.

Making friends smile is easy – even without technology involved! How do you make friends smile?

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