Easy Ways to Rid Your Case of the “Monday’s”

Happy Monday! How are you feeling about this morning? While some wake up easily on Monday mornings, ready to take on the full week ahead, others awake with dread, wondering how the weekend went by so quickly. The latter isn’t just relegated to those who dislike their jobs, either. Whether you love your job or not, the end of the weekend can bring a little sadness.

If this sounds like you, know that it doesn’t have to be! There are ways in which you can stave off that Monday feeling and wake up ready to take on the week. We have a few ideas as to how you can start:

Set yourself up for success on Sunday. It’s tempting to take the weekend as a time to lounge, watch television, eat unhealthy but delicious food, and simply relax. But that doesn’t necessarily set you up for success come Monday morning. Next Sunday, take a little time to watch TV or do those things that relax you, but also be sure to fit in a few activities that will set your week up for success. Meal prep for the week ahead, go for a jog, clean a room in your house, or cross something off your to-do list. By accomplishing something small, the week won’t feel quite so daunting.

Get a good night’s sleep. Yes, it can be tempting to stay up on Sunday evening to binge watch your favorite show. But getting a ton of sleep on Sunday will make it that much easier to crawl out of bed on Monday and sets you up for a refreshed week moving forward.

Plan something fun for Monday night. If the Monday blues got you down, stick some fun social plans on your calendar for Monday evening so that you have something to look forward to. Some will plan drinks or dinner with a friend; others invite friends over to watch the Bachelorette or another weekly show. No matter what excites you, plan something fun to help you get through the day and into the week with ease.

Make (and follow) a to-do list. If making plans doesn’t help your stamina, go the opposite route: accomplish something on Monday that you’ve been meaning to get done. Starting the week off by accomplishing a task that’s been bugging you will give you momentum for a productive week. And productivity feels good!

Feeling really scary? Take a personal day this Monday. There’s nothing wrong with taking a sick day when you really aren’t feeling mentally “there.” You’ll be more productive and engaged at work on Tuesday if you take a day to yourself.

Examine your mood: is this feeling consistent every Monday? If this feeling comes every week, perhaps it’s time to examine what’s making you anxious; it may be time to make a change. If your job has you feeling down every week, chances are it isn’t the job for you. Take a look at what you enjoy about your week, write it down, and then attempt to find a new job or hobby that makes you feel that feeling more consistently.

Overall, Monday’s don’t have to be scary! Take these tips and propel yourself into the week ahead with productivity, grace, and fun.

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