Eco-Friendly Activities to Plan for Summer

Earth Month may be coming to an end in the next week or so, but we’re never done thinking up creative ways to protect our environment. This month serves as a great reminder of just how much the earth provides us, how important it is to do our part to protect it, and what behaviors we can adopt each and every day to do so.

Those green activities you commit to during Earth Month shouldn’t end at the end of April; they should become a way of life that lasts all year! While everyone has slip-ups every once in a while (it’s okay if you forget that reusable bag once in a blue moon!), generally, this month’s worth of eco-friendly activities should instill habits that last throughout the year.

This time of year also continually reminds us just how amazing Mother Nature can be. April showers bring May flowers – up in Boston, our world is just beginning to bloom and the weather is starting to warm up, testament to how wonderful the environment can treat us!

As the summer gets closer, think of ways that you can continue to appreciate the earth by committing to enjoying its beauty through eco-friendly outdoor activities. Summer can be super green (bikes, hikes, walks, and swims) or not so green (long road trips, air conditioners, etc.), so prioritize green this year by planning out the following:

  1. Visit the farmer’s market. Stop by your local market, grab a healthy handful of beautiful seasonal produce, and bring it home to make your family or friends a unique meal that they’ll love. Buying your food locally means that it travels fewer miles to get to your plate, leading to fewer emissions and less pollution.
  2. Play games in your backyard. When’s the last time you played a game outdoors? Think back to when you were a kid: chances are you spent way more time outside. While responsibilities can get in the way of that sometimes, make it a priority to spend more time outside this summer just having fun! Toss a Frisbee or baseball, play cornhole, or get some people together for a quick game of badminton.
  3. During the summer, there are a wide variety of beach and park cleanups, clothing drives, Big Brother Big Sister play festivals, and other outdoor activities you can volunteer for. Check out your local listings for the best events in your area.
  4. Work with your kids to make recycled crafts. Gather up your old soda bottles, cereal boxes, and other recyclable materials, and let your kids’ imaginations run wild! If you don’t have many of those materials around your house (and good for you!), head outdoors and have them collect pinecones or leaves to create scrapbooks or other crafts. The world is your oyster!
  5. Look up at the sky. This one’s simple: when the last time you laid down on the grass and took a look at the sky? It’s beauty sits over us each and every day, but we hardly ever take the time to notice it. During the day, lay down and stare at the birds and clouds overhead; at night, find a spot with limited light pollution and stargaze. It’s a gorgeous sight!
  6. On a rainy day, head to your local Museum of Natural History. These showcase the animals, plants, rocks, and other natural aspects of our earth. It’s super interesting for both adults and children, and can teach all about the beauty that surrounds us.

How will you enjoy the summer this year while also engaging in eco-friendly activities? Let us know in the comments below!

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