Eco-Friendly Family Activities to Enjoy this Summer

What activities have you been doing with your family this summer? Every year when the summer hits, we always try to make a list of all those warm weather activities that we want to get in before the season’s over. For some, it’s a trip to a beach-y destination; for others, it involves trying out new local restaurants with the family and making the most of your city.

No matter what your preference for summer fun, it’s always wonderful to spend time with those people you most enjoy, especially your family. However, it can be challenging to find activities to do that everyone in the family enjoys.

This year, we challenge you to think eco in your brainstorming! There are plenty of summer activities you can do to have fun while staying green. These include…

  1. Visit local farmers markets. Head to your local market to grab some delicious, fresh produce while supporting the businesses in your community. Shopping at farmers markets cuts down on the miles your food needs to travel, reducing energy use, emissions, and pollution. Bring your kids along to teach them the value of shopping local, and let them pick out a few things! Cook up your fare together for a fun family affair.
  2. Plan a trip to a national or state park. If you’re more of the traveling type, plan a trip to your local state park or a national park for some beautiful scenery. Being surrounded by nature helps you appreciate it, guaranteeing that you and your family will think twice about how the decisions you make every day impact the earth.
  3. Get some exercise. Hike, walk, bike, or run with your family! These active jaunts give you plenty of time to bond while taking in the nature around you. These activities also help you incorporate exercise into your summer – a key part of staying happy and healthy!
  4. Organize a nature scavenger hunt. Younger kids will love this idea; choose a bunch of items out in your backyard (bird’s nest, pinecone, oak tree) and have them grab those that they can carry and take photos of those they can’t. All that running around makes for some wonderful, eco-friendly fun that also allows your loved ones to become more familiar with nature!
  5. Create repurposed crafts. Old empty plastic water bottle? Make it into a bird feeder. Cardboard boxes laying around? Make a fort. That old stuff that you’re bound to throw away or recycle can have another life if you make it into a craft for the kids! This also allows you to reuse materials that would normally go to a landfill or recycling center, saving energy and emissions.

What eco-friendly activities do you incorporate into your summer? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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