Enjoy Crisp, Fresh Spring Produce with Creative Recipes

Take a look at those beautiful meals above. How fresh do they look? How crisp, clean, delicious, and hearty? We’re drooling just looking at them!

All of these recipes are filled with in-season, scrumptious spring produce. This time of year is always exciting: the weather gets a bit warmer, the daylight gets longer, and floral dresses come out of the closet to coincide with the beautiful flowers budding out of the ground. And on top of all that, our fruits and veggies change over!

Winter veggies are scrumptiously hearty – sweet potatoes, squash, Brussels sprouts, blood oranges, and parsnips grace the farmers market and keep us full and warm all year long. Whether you roast them or bake them, winter produce keeps you happy when the weather is cold.

As the weather gets warmer, however, this produce transitions from hearty and heavy to crisp and light. And we love it! Perfect for salads, curries, tacos, and even light soups, spring produce absolutely shines in our recipe palette.

Greens like arugula, kale, and spinach grace our plates with ease and offer a tasty base for all other fruits and veggies. Radishes are crunchy, sour, and sweet. Asparagus, broccoli, peas, and other green veggies offer high levels of nutrition and beauty to your plate. Fruit like strawberries, clementines, pears, and kumquats give us the sweetness we’ve craved all winter long while filling us up with immunity-boosting vitamin C.

With all the healthy benefits and delicious, crisp taste, we couldn’t be more excited for spring produce to come in full bloom. And when it starts to hit the farmers market shelves, be ever ready with the recipes below – which are filled with the stuff!

  1. Spring Cleaning Detox Salad
  2. Spring Pea Risotto
  3. Kale, Clementine, and Feta Salad with Honey-Lime Dressing
  4. Fresh Spring Rolls
  5. Thai Green Curry with Spring Vegetables

What are your favorite ways to use spring produce? Let us know your best recipes in the comments below!

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