Green Your Wardrobe this Summer


The warmer weather allows us to be outside all the time – and boy do we adore it. Being surrounded by lush greenery, the blazing sunshine, and fresh summer air just feels good. It really makes us appreciate the world around us and how much nourishing richness that nature has to offer.

That’s when we start to think more deeply about our impact on the earth. How do our every day choices – even our wardrobe choices – impact the planet we live on?

As Audrie Storme so eloquently explains in the video above, there are certain decisions we can make to decrease the environmental impact of our wardrobe: by choosing companies that make green decisions in designing their products, and by incorporating reuse into our wardrobes by shopping at thrift stores.

Buying at thrift stores – or even your friend’s closet – effectively reduces your environmental impact because those clothes don’t require all the material, transport, and energy needed to create new products. Plus, as Audrie says, sometimes the cutest – most unique! – pieces come from these stores.

On the other hand, many companies are deliberate in making particular choices that decrease their environmental impact – like Earth Shoes! That beautiful leather that you know so well in Earth Shoes doesn’t get its gorgeous color through toxic dyes and chemicals; Earth Shoes only uses vegetable-based dyes that come from tree barks, leaves, and fruits to make the wide array of hues you get in your shoes. We also don’t use toxic oil-based glues, which can cause harm to the air and workers; instead, our shoes are constructed with water-based adhesives.

Our packaging is more eco-friendly than your average package, too. Our classic hinge-lid box doesn’t use any glue or staples – making it much easier to recycle. Recycling facilities have a difficult time separating products that are made of multiple materials, as recycling technology hasn’t necessarily caught up with packaging technology. Therefore, by using only cardboard, we make it easier to process our boxes – meaning higher recycling rates!

Audrie took our shoes and her classic thrift store wardrobe and put together some gorgeous, eco-friendly outfits that are perfect for summer. Above you can see the Artemis flats in white paired with a sunshine-yellow dress, a flannel shirt for chillier nights, and some great braids to accessorize.

The other outfits she shows off in the video – which we can’t wait to copy – are equally as cute and transition from day to night. Audrie pairs cute jean shorts with an off-the-shoulder shirt and our funky Sunbeam sandal for daytime adventures. And for lounging around the house, Earth Shoes’ comfort-can’t-be-beat Maui Sandals, add some eco-friendly flair to her cropped jeans and jewelery-laden ensemble.

Audrie effortlessly pairs Earth Shoes with all her favorite, thrift-store-sourced outfits to complete her summer wardrobe. How will you make your wardrobe more eco this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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