How to Plant a Tree for Social Good

Around the world, many families make less than $1 a day and therefore can’t feed their families or send their children to school. What we sometimes take for granted isn’t always a given for such families.

Many non-profit organizations, companies, and individuals attempt a range of solutions to help. But one solution recently impressed us: Trees for the Future.

This organization plants trees as a way to feed struggling families and allow their kids to go to school. How?

It starts with a patch of dirt. Trees for the Future helps a family build a fence, which makes that patch of dirt theirs to improve and grow upon. The organization then aids them in making the dirt fertile for tree and plant growth.

This land bears fruit trees and plants that provide the family with food and sustenance. But not only that, it provides surplus sustenance that the family can then sell for money to send their children to school. In fact, that $1 a day that a family was living on can multiply by up to 400 percent with this garden plan. And that’s the power of trees: their growth sustains the growth of families!

Planting trees educates children and empowers heads of household – men and women – to own a business. Trees provide hope, not only to a family, but to a community. The family can share seeds and cuttings produced by their garden’s plants with their neighbors… who can grow their own gardens. These families multiply into dozens and hundreds, and a sustainable and nourished community forms.

From seed to tree, parent to child, neighbor to neighbor… there’s a lot of community growth happening here, all thanks to a couple of seeds and a fence.

Trees for the Future felt like a perfect partnership for Earth Shoes as it combines two of our passions: the earth and giving to others. It seemed like a perfect partnership for a company that consistently tries to lighten the footprint we have on the earth we walk upon each day.

Thus far, Trees for the Future has planted over 115 million trees in rural and developing areas around the world, particularly in Central America, Asia, and Africa. Not only do trees provide the benefits we’ve described above, they also:

  • Absorb carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change) from the air
  • Provide a habitat and shelter for a wide range of animals
  • Filter pollution from the air we breathe
  • Provide the oxygen that we breathe
  • Keep evaporation down through their shade, which means healthier and more nourished ground plants
  • Nourish us and our fellow organisms with food
  • and more!

For these reasons, Earth Brands is committed to helping Trees for the Future plant more trees this year.

For every pair of shoes purchased on our site, we’ll plant a tree with Trees for the Future. In past years, you’ve helped us plant nearly 250,000 trees thanks to all your shoe purchases. Help us get that number up in 2018: shop today to donate.

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