It’s Time to Slip into Gorgeous Fall Trends

What are you up to this Labor Day weekend? Typically, this time of year marks the figurative end of summer, the end of beachside vacations, the start of school, and the emergence of cooler fall weather.

While we’re always sad to see that summer warmth and sunshine go away, the loss is made all that much easier by the beauty of autumn. With the change of the leaves; the crisp, dry air; football season; and hot, steamy lattes, fall is one of those seasons that screams coziness, warmth, and forest-laden adventure.

This transition between seasons also signals a shift in your wardrobe. Fashions abound during the fall, and while summer fashions may be minimalistic (we practically live in bathing suits, sandals, and shorts), fall takes on a whole lot more fabric, allowing creativity to shine.

Whether you’re a flannel-wearing fiend or a sweater-dress-loving lady, we all know that a good pair of shoes can make or break an outfit, both in style and comfort.

This year, we’re loving a great pair of booties to transition between warmer and cooler weather. Booties – like the heeled Sparta seen here – pair perfectly with a good pair of jeans (or white pants – we’ll never shame you for wearing them after Labor Day), a flowing “summer’s still here” frock, or a cute skirt and flowing top. Roll up your pants a few times for a classic look that shows off your trend-setting boots.

As the weather gets cooler, switch out those short booties for a taller pair, like these newly-released waterproof beauties. Not only do boots rank number one in fall style, they keep you comfortable for even the longest days exploring new cities and new heights.

For those warmer fall days, we’re huge fans of slipping into a pair of patterned flats. The Alina is our go-to this year for adorable patterns that spice up even the blandest of outfits. Flats have a reputation for lacking support – but not these babies. The Alina combines Earth Shoes’ best technologies that mimic the natural movement of your foot and optimize strength throughout the day. While the footbed absorbs impact, the foot pad stabilizes, and the toe bed propels you forward.

For the comfiest of days – whether you’re outside at a friend’s backyard barbeque, soaking up the cooler weather, or running errands at the local farmer’s market, scooping up fall produce galore – on-trend sneakers are your new go-to. This year, we’ve pumped up the volume on fashion-forward elements within our sneakers, all while keeping that same Earth Shoes comfort you know and love. The Zeal in black hints at edginess and truly elevates simple jeans and a t-shirt for a sleek vibe. The Zane, another favorite, incorporates both red suede and blue leather for a contrast of textures you can’t find anywhere else.

At Earth Shoes, of course, sustainability is at our core. The beauty of fall always reminds us how much nature means to us – not only does it sustain our physical health, but our mental happiness as well. Our newest fall styles incorporate vegetable-tanned leathers and water-based adhesives to minimize chemical dyes, while incorporating as many recycled materials as possible.

How excited are you for fall fashion? What pair of shoes are you most looking forward to breaking out of the closet? Let us know in the comments below!

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