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December is always such an enjoyable month. Between shopping for holiday presents, trimming the tree, cooking warm, delicious meals, and spending time with loved ones, it’s hard not to feel yourself swimming with happiness throughout the majority of the holiday season. Add all those holiday parties to the mix and you’ve got yourself a fun, laughter-filled month.

If you’re heading to a few holiday parties in the coming weeks, you certainly aren’t alone. And as the holidays are defined, many of those parties probably involve some delicious, heart-warming meals. Whether a straight dinner party or a soiree filled with drinks and appetizers, holiday parties are practically defined by food. Sugar cookies shaped like snowmen, gooey pasta dishes, roasted vegetables and meats, and other scrumptious concoctions line the table at these parties like the lights running down the staircase.

While this food is delicious, it can also cause a bit of stress – how do you avoid some of the temptations to make sure your body feels as healthy and happy as it normally does throughout the year? How do you enjoy the delicious food while staying comfortable and joyous – not sluggish and drawn?

Our recommendation? Avoid the bloat and discomfort of overeating by filling your plate with veggies. We all know how amazing a diet rich in fruits and vegetables makes us feel. But don’t rely solely on the hosts to provide these dishes – they’ll always appreciate if you bring a little something to share with others, particularly one filled with nutrition!

Want to get creative? Bring the bread by whipping up these homemade Pumpkin Sage Biscuits by Minimalist Baker (1). Complete with real pumpkin and sage, these biscuits are the perfect start to any holiday meal.

Add some plant-based protein to the mix to keep guests (and yourself!) fuller, longer with Quinoa Salad Stuffed Acorn Squash by Love and Lemons (2). Roasted acorn squash serves as a filling base for a tasty, holiday-inspired quinoa salad.

Go the comfort food route – complete with some veggie goodness – and offer some Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese by Naturally Ella (3). While rich and cheesy, sweet potato and spinach complete the majority of this yummy dish.

Sneak a little veggie into a traditional appetizer – hummus and crackers – and delight guests with a festive Cranberry, Feta, and Sweet Potato Hummus by Two Peas and their Pod (4).

And last but not least – someone has to bring the salad. Why not you! Put together this hearty Kale, Clementine, and Feta Salad with Honey-Lime Dressing by Cookie and Kate (5) to have guests clamoring for more of the green stuff.

How do you delight holiday guests with veggie-base meals? Let us know your best recipes in the comments below!

April is Footwear Cares® month and I participated in this extraordinary national event! I am proud to have represented Earth Brands, one of over 100 footwear companies that are coming together to help children in need. I had a great time working alongside Neil Newman, Two-Ten President, and a number of amazing volunteers that came to the NW Harvest warehouse in Kent, WA on 4/20/16.


During the two hours at NW Harvest, the Footwear Cares® group packaged 1,498 pounds of pasta that will provide for 1,098 meals! Everyone walked out with a smile on their face and joy in their heart knowing the impact we had on our community. NW Harvest is a non-profit organization supporting food banks in Washington State. NW Harvest distributes food to a network of more than 370 food banks, meal programs, and high-need schools throughout Washington State.




NW Harvest



Written by Julie Herman, E-commerce Account Executive