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I get most excited about a few things come autumn: long runs surrounded by changing leaves, the emergence of heavier fall produce perfect for homemade soups, and slightly cooler weather that allows me to bring out my sweater dresses, chunky knits, and of course, new shoes.

When I’m not writing for the Earth blog, I work at a small non-profit in the heart of downtown Boston, down near trendy Newbury Street, the Boston Public Library, and an array of restaurants. Commuting and working in this lively area requires comfortable yet fashionable shoes – which makes flats my absolute go-to for fall.

The Earthies Essen flats particularly caught my eye this year. The elegant, figure-eight band that lines the top of the flat frames the foot gorgeously and, better yet, keeps my foot secure and snug in place. While some flats slip off my foot, the band on the Essen ensures that my feet are comfortable while perusing the cobblestone streets of Boston after work.

The suede material is super sleek and fits in with the warmer textures of fall. Earthies’ recent colors (deep yellow, pictured here, as well as deep burgundy and navy) slide right into my fall wardrobe. For daily adventures, I pair the Essen flats with a dark maxi skirt and a chambray top – one of my staple comfort outfits for fall – and accent a warm sweater dress out to dinner on Saturday evenings. They also pair perfectly for work with a sleek black dress, pictured above.

As I transition my wardrobe from summer to fall, I’m most enthusiastic to wear one particular part of my wardrobe: booties. As the leaves just begin to change, short boots fit perfectly with the weather, keeping the feet warmer on cooler mornings and evenings while still allowing room to breathe during the sunnier, warmer daytime hours.

That’s just one reason why I fell for the Earth Shoes Intrepid this year. This ankle boot is complete with perforated nubuck – a trend this fall – that allows your feet to breathe while oozing fashion. A little edgy with a slight heel and metal accents, the Intrepid ankle boot has become my go-to boot when I want to spice up a typically simpler outfit.

Pairing the deep blue version of these booties with white jeans really helps them pop, particularly when rolled up in classic fall fashion. With a little edge, this look is perfect for Saturday dinner or can be easily played down with a scarf for Sunday brunch. In the earlier days of autumn, I love to pair booties like the Intrepid with some of my summer dresses to transition my look and make the most of my wardrobe before putting those ensembles away for the season.

Take a look at Earth Shoes recent booties, flats, and more to complete your autumn wardrobe and relish in all the season has to offer: cooler, sunny days outdoors, beautiful foliage, warm coffee, and apples, pumpkin, and sweet breads galore.

Up here in Boston, where the winters are fierce, we love to take advantage of all that summer has to offer. With only a few short months of abundant sunshine, warm breezes, and shorts-and-t-shirts weather, we really like to make the most of each and every day.

Oftentimes that means jam-packed weekends filled with trips to the beach, days perusing city streets, and a plethora of adventures. Many of our weekends are booked out with plans to see the sights or generally enjoy the great outdoors. And if they aren’t planned, they’re left open for spontaneous nature walks and unseen scenery.

That’s why we always prioritize a versatile, comfortable, cute wardrobe for cool nights and warm sunny days. Whether we have a fun adventure planned or want to be ready for spontaneity, it’s critical to have multiple outfits that can transition between day and night, the beach and dinner, and lots of walking to a watching a beautiful sunset on the beach.

Luckily, trendsetters around the blogosphere are here to recommend perfect, on-trend summer outfits that keep us cool and stylish – from our tops to our toes!

Above, The Styled Teacher shows us how the Earth Shoes Sky gladiator sandals work perfectly for daytime beachside biking. Paired with a chunky sweater and simple dress, this outfit easily transitions from the sunshine to a dinner with friends and family with ease.

NYC Pretty pairs a striped top, jean jacket, and bright skirt with the Earth Shoes Tangelo sneakers for a casual yet trendy vibe that works perfectly for touring your local city. These fun slip-ons keep your feet happy and comfortable no matter how much walking you do – but still keep you looking fresh and funky.

When nighttime rolls around, sometimes you just want to dress up. Whether you’re hitting up a local brewery or strolling out to a fancy dinner, the Earthies Siena heeled sandals are the perfect summer shoe. Here, the Chambray Bunny Blog pairs these foot-hugging sandals with white jeans for an adorable afternoon or evening look. Change it up by pairing these gorgeous heels with a maxi or bright, flowered, knee-length dress for a beautiful evening look.

How do you keep your wardrobe (especially your shoes!) versatile all summer long? How do you transition from night to day? Let us know in the comments below!

Seen above: Earthies Nova Sandal

Are you a beach person or a pool person? Perhaps the thought of a gentle breeze, the waves lapping up against the shore, and sand between your toes is your ultimate soothing paradise. Maybe swimming gracefully through a warm, sunny pool tickles your fancy. Or perhaps, if you’re like us, being outside surrounded by sunshine sounds wonderful – regardless of where you are enjoying it!

As the winter begins to fade away and the weather gets balmier, it’s time to start thinking about your summer goals. What do you want to accomplish once spring sets in? With the flowers blooming, nature is experiencing a time of rebirth and renewal, and so should you! The change in the seasons is a great time to think through and renew the goals you set at the beginning of the year and to create new to-do’s.

No matter what your overarching hopes for this year, start thinking of them in the context of the outdoors. Do you want to pay off debt? Try to find a side job that allows you to be outside, like helping someone move or coaching a softball team. Hoping to make fitness a key part of your lifestyle? Pencil in trail runs, walks throughout the neighborhood, or regular Sunday morning bike rides. Want to spend more time with your loved ones? Plan a vacation somewhere you’ve never been, or schedule a weekly dinner at your favorite restaurant. Yearning to create a closet filled with quality pieces you’ll actually wear? Shop outdoor malls or boutiques in your area.

Seen above: Earthies Roma Sandal

We also encourage you to check out Earthies new spring line of gorgeous, quality shoes to help you enjoy the summer breeze in style. From sandals to strappy slip-ons to heels that elevate you to new heights, Earthies fashionable creations will help you accomplish even your toughest goals with poise and grace in mind.

Seen above: Earthies Sora Sandal

Earthies’ new sandals offer the comfort and cushion you know from Earth brands with trendy embellishments that elevate even the most casual outfit. Strappy, elegant sandals – like the Roma – help you enjoy the poolside sun and allow you to dress up or down. Casual sandals – like the Sora – help you enjoy beach-y soirees with ease.

Seen above: Earthies Capri Flat 

Flats take you from the office to your child’s practice to a night out with simplicity and fashion by your side. Whether you’re traipsing through the sand or sipping a glass of wine on the pier, the comfortable, gorgeous Capri flats strap you in and let your style soar.

Seen above: Earthies Siena Ankle Bootie

Speaking of soaring to new heights, Earthies’ Siena heeled ankle booties are perfect for a fancy night on the town. If you’re out to dinner or off dancing the night away, Earthies heels are perfect for your fashion sense and for the comfort of your feet.

No matter how you hope to spend this spring season, let Earthies guide you there. Between a stylish flair and a comfortable sole, these springtime beauties can’t be beat.

We’re still be in the full throes of winter up here in New England, and while the crisp temps, snowy sidewalks, and cute scarves are wonderful for now, it gets to a point when even the strongest of New Englanders are ready to move into warmer pastures. We look forward to the days when we can throw off our heavy jackets and throw on a cute dress (without tights!), booties (without thick socks!), and a light windbreaker (without a heavy inner layer!) and head out the door with style and ease by our side.

As we wait for that day, though, it’s always makes us just a little bit warmer thinking about the days to come. Those days in early April when the flowers start to bloom, the sunny days of May when runs outside in shorts and a t-shirt become reality, and those first sticky days of summer come June. We dream of outdoor adventures like hikes, planting a garden, and roaming through flowered pastures.

And of course, we always dream about the spring fashion that comes along with the new season.

As we rid our closets of chunky knit sweaters and make room for light dresses and skirts, we also switch out our shoes: knee-high boots get stored away for adorable flats; snow boots get replaced by open-toed sandals; closed-toed booties are put under the bed to make way for perforated, laser cut-short boots.

As always, Earth Shoes is right on top of this spring’s most fashion-forward trends… all infused with the classic comfort that comes from the Earth brand.

Seen above: Earth Shoes Lynx

Transition to spring with ease in adorable maryjanes, perfect for the everyday fashionista. With a foot-hugging, stabilizing upper strap, these are the shoes you want to bring you through your day with happy feet and stylish poise. Even better, Earth Shoes bright red Lynx shoes with a slight heel easily transition from day to night, and make any outfit pop.

Seen above: Earth Shoes Pax

If you’re looking to head through your day quickly with comfort in mind, cute sneakers are your absolute go-to. Earth Shoes new Pax leather sneakers slip on with ease and bump up the most classic white t-shirt and jeans to a fashion-forward level. Laser-cut details take these sneakers above and beyond your average pair, and an extra-cushioned, comfort-driven insole draws you toward all your best adventures.

Seen above: Earth Shoes Maui

As the weather warms up even more, leather sandals easily become a daily staple. Earth Shoes new strappy beauties keep your feet secure and stable the whole day through – whether you’re walking down the beach or running around the grocery store. Pair the Earth Shoes Maui with shorts, jeans, or a dress for an everyday outfit that soars above the rest.

Seen above: Earth Shoes Virgo

Spring nights call for celebration; with warmer temps, your outfits take on a whole new edge. Pair your best night-on-the-town outfits with a beautiful pair of Earth Shoes laser-cut heels. Of course, in classic Earth Shoes fashion, these heels are comfortable – so much so that you can easily wear them throughout the day at work and head out for post-work cocktails without a care in the world. Try the Libra heels for an edgier vibe or the Virgo for a timeless appeal.

What are your favorite shoes to wear as the winter fades and springtime draws near? Let us know in the comments!

If you’re looking for a small town feel, with big town access, Brookline, Massachusetts is the place to be.  Although it’s considered a part of Greater Boston, Brookline was incorporated as a separate town in 1705.  In its early days, Brookline Village was the center of retail activity in the state of Massachusetts.  In 1892, Simons shoes was opened near the Boston Public Gardens, but Simons moved to the town of Brookline just after the first World War.


Simons is a family owned shoe store that provides an incredible selection of comfort footwear.  The diverse staff is personable and interesting, but the most important role at Simons is their Chief Chocolate Officer, who is sure that the backroom is always stock with a variety of chocolates!  When visiting Simons, you’re sure to find a large selection of styles, colors and sizes and a sales team that will be sure all your needs are met.  You won’t be dissapointed when visiting Simons. 



Brookline is know as the city with the most doctoral degree holders due to its proximity to nearby academic and medical institutes such as Harvard, Boston University and Boston College.   With access to world class art museums, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the finest universities and some of the best restaurants around, Brookline seems like a big city, but its residents are drawn in by its provincial atmosphere.  Within a 30 mile radius from Brookline, you could hike the mountains, pick apples on a beautiful farm or swim in the Atlantic ocean.  Its rich history and delightful character should put Brookline, Massachusetts on the top of your list for places to visit!

Pittsburgh is famously known as an old steel mill town filled with sports lovers, but at its root, the second-largest city in Pennsylvania offers a truly unique American experience.  The confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers form to create the Ohio River at the heart of the city and with all those rivers, the residents of Pittsburgh are bound to need a bridge or two.  Also known as the “City of Bridges”, Pittsburgh doesn’t disappoint, its 446 bridges only make it’s city skyline that much more breathtaking.



We were lucky enough to visit Little’s Shoe Store located in the charming town of Squirrel Hill.  This family owned business puts a huge emphasis on FAMILY!  In fact, it’s not surprising to see staff family members drop by for a visit throughout the day.  Kids and grandkids make their presences known and each of Little’s employees treat them like their own.  And when you stop into Little’s, they’ll treat you as family too!  With an excellent selection of Men’s, Women’s and Children’s shoes, Little’s is a destination where you’re bound to find what you’re looking for and guaranteed to have a good time while you shop.  The staff at Little’s easily strikes up lifelong friendship with their customers which makes the work day pretty fun.  The personal relationship created on the sales floor, the large selection of styles, fair prices and the excellent customer service makes Little’s a place you must visit during your shopping excursions.



When traveling through Pittsburgh, grab a delicious burger from one of the many awesome burger joints; stop by Page’s Dairy Mart, a historic staple with pretty amazing ice cream and frozen treats; be sure to check out the views among Mount Washington, a great spot to see all three rivers come together or visit one of Pittsburgh’s many museums, including the Andy Warhol Museum or the Carnegie Museum of Art.  With excellent shopping, pretty amazing burgers, a great place to catch a game and the friendly people with their charming local dialect, Pittsburgh is an awesome place to visit!




‘Tis the season to shop Fall styles and we’re hosting in-store events all over the country!  Join us at the following locations and receive a free gift with purchase while supplies last:

10/7 – Me and My Feet 1570 East F Suite N Oakdale, CA 95361 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

10/7 – Comfort One  201 King St, Alexandria, VA 22314 3:00 -7:00 pm

10/8 – Comfort One 1630 Connecticut Ave NW Washington DC 20009 10:00 am – 3:00pm

10/14 – When the Shoe Fits 819 SE 160th Ave, Suite 100 Vancouver, WA 98683 10:00 am -1:00 pm

10/14 – When the Shoe Fits 14925 SE Barrows Rd. #105 Beaverton, OR 97007 2:00 pm -5:00 pm

10/15 – Ben Lovell  119 S. 18th Street.  Philadelphia, PA 19103 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

10/15 – Miroballi Shoes 14360 South La Grange Road Orland Park, IL 60462 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

10/21 – When the Shoe Fits 819 SE 160th Ave, Suite 100 Vancouver, WA 98683 10:00 am -1:00 pm

10/21 – When the Shoe Fits 14925 SE Barrows Rd. #105 Beaverton, OR 97007 2:00 pm-5:00 pm

10/22 – Sole Desire 1426 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010 11:00 am -4:00 pm

10/22 – Miroballi Shoes 201 Town Square Wheaton, IL 60189 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

10/23 – Sole Desire 5800 Northgate Dr, San Rafael, CA 94903 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

10/27 – Tip Top Shoes 155 W 72nd St. New York, NY 10023 11:00 am -3:00 pm

10/28 – Harry’s Shoes  2299 Broadway @83rd St. New York, NY 10:00 am -2:00 pm

10/28 – Tops for Shoes 27 North Lexington Avenue Asheville, NC 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

10/29 – Birkenstock Midtown 2612 J St, Sacramento, CA 95816 10:00 am  – 6:00 pm

11/12 – Saagers Shoe Shop 613 N Main St, Milton Freewater, OR 97862 11:00 am -4:00 pm





New Hampshire, a state filled with delight in every corner.  From the beautiful, seaside city of Portsmouth, to the gorgeous vistas of the White Mountains, New Hampshire has it all.  Spend a day on the beach, head out for a hike or enjoy some of the best skiing the East Coast has to offer!  No matter the season, New Hampshire is filled with outdoor adventure, plenty of history, arts & culture and best of all, incredible shopping!  New Hampshire is a sales tax free state, so when it comes to price, what you see it what you get.

Reds Shoe Barn 4

One of our favorite spots is Red’s Shoe Barn located in the quaint town of Dover.  Dover has a rich industrial history as a colonial seaport in the 1700’s, which later developed into one of the nation’s leading cotton goods manufacturers.  Red’s Shoe Barn is nestled between downtown Dover and the Cocheco River.  Down the street is Aroma Joe’s Coffee shop and the Thirsty Moose, a few staff favorites!

Red’s originally started out as a blacksmith shop in 1958 and expanded just 5 years later.  By 1970, the original Red’s Shoe Barn was torn down and rebuilt to accommodate their growing customer base and in 1983, they decided to open a second location in Plaistow making Red’s the industry leader they are today.  When you walk into Red’s, you’re immediately greeted by the delightful staff.  Warm smiles and genuine care is what makes each experience at Red’s worthwhile.  Every corner is stocked with a fantastic selection and so of course, it’s no wonder that Red’s was named the Best Shoe Retailer of New Hampshire in 2015.reds shoe barn 3

Red’s will be celebrating 58 years in October, so along with their incredible selection and wonderful staff, be sure to stop in for their  Anniversary Sale!


There are a lot of reasons to visit Asheville, North Carolina. As the largest city in Western NC, it’s probably most fondly known for its rich art scene, eclectic restaurants, Art Deco buildings, natural beauty – and of course – shopping. When Tops For Shoes opened its doors back in 1952, downtown Asheville was not exactly the “hub” that it is today. Blog_BeforeIDieWallThe Resnikoff Family opened Tops as a general store with only a small shoe section. Overtime, the family decided to focus on shoes and today Tops is Western North Carolina’s largest full-service shoe store – and for good reason. Still a family-owned and run business, customers receive a shoe shopping experience to remember. Tops has also been an instrumental partner in revving up the downtown scene in Asheville over the last many decades. The store itself has grown immensely over the years and is now a 35,000 square foot store with over 100,000 styles to choose from. The definition of a “destination” shoe shopping experience.Blog_BobCarr_PackSquarePark

Third generation owner Alex Carr prides his shoe selection on sizes and widths, as well as lots of options – from practical to trendy. Great shoes, perfect sizing – all coupled with amazing personal service that you only get from a store that’s been servicing locals and tourists for over 60 years. Earth Shoes are proud to be a part of such an amazing story. You can find Earth, Earthies and Kalso Earth Shoes gracing the shelves and tables of Tops.

A few folks from the Earth Sales and Marketing teams recently visited Tops.  The Carr family are always gracious hosts and fun company. While there, Bob Carr took us on a historical walking tour of downtown Asheville where we got a deeper look into the cities culture and amenities beyond the unique galleries and charming boutiques.  The only downside of our trip was that it wasn’t long enough. We saw and ate just enough to know we ALL plan on coming back to Asheville for a much longer trip in our near future. A Special thanks to the Carr Family for making our jobs so fulfilling and fun.Blog_CatawbaBrewery


We had the pleasure of chatting with Megan Sajdak, the Director of Marketing from Stan’s Fit For Your Feet in Milwaukee to get a glimpse into her life at Stan’s in Milwaukee!

Megan Sajdak, Marketing Director at Stan’s

What makes Milwaukee such a special city?

Megan:  Milwaukee is an amazing city rich with culture, music, an outstanding culinary scene, adventurous and scenic outdoor activities, and humans who are proud of their home!  There is a great trend for the Buy Local retail movement and the continuation of development in the city, not only in retail but also in infrastructure.


How did you get into the Shoe Industry?

Megan:  I am the third generation in our family business, Stan’s Fit For Your Feet.  Stan is my grandfather and shoes have always been in my blood. As I continue to develop my career within the Shoe Industry, the people I meet, the excitement of new technology and fashion, and seeing it evolve over the years, constantly amazes me.

Wisconsin is famous for cheese and beer, but is there a hidden gem that we may not know about?

Megan: Wisconsin is way beyond cheese and beer.  Yes I am a fan of both, but the hidden gem of Milwaukee is the culinary scene with many farm-to-table restaurants that use local ingredients.  The development and trend of local businesses goes beyond the dinner plate, including local stores, boutique, etc.  There is truly a dedicated, determined work ethic here in Milwaukee.

Do you have a favorite spot in town?

Megan: There are so many great dining spots in Milwaukee!  A few of my local favorites are Rocket Baby Bakery on North Avenue – the bread is out of this world and their pastries are exceptional! For lunch, St. Paul’s Fish Market’s at the Public Market in the Third Ward District has the best Lobster Roll.  It’s better than any Lobster Roll that I’ve had on the East Coast.  For dinner, Movida for Spanish Tapas is one of my favorites!  The Sangria is outstanding!  And for a very classy dinner I would recommend any of the Bartalotta Restaurants – quality food, quality dining, and a local family business!

One of the most beautiful walks is Lake Park, there are gorgeous bridges, greenery and lush bluffs that overlook Lake Michigan. If you go a little south, you will see the beautiful Villa Terrace, a mansion with a robust garden.  Another more wilderness hike is at Schlitz Audubon in Bay Side. Schlitz Audubon is an educational nature center and preserve with great paths, beach front and a lookout tower!

Tapas Lake Michigan

How would you describe Stan’s Fit for your Feet to someone who has never been there before?

Megan:  Stan’s is a locally owned and operated sit and fit shoe store with fashions from all over the world.  We do not compromise fashion for comfort. Our Fit Specialists or Certified Pedorthists will be ready to serve you with one-on-one service.  We have a digital foot scanner as well; to show the pressure points in your feet and to better fit you.  We shop the world for the best footwear and bring it to Milwaukee to fulfill your fashion, comfort and lifestyles needs.

What is your philosophy towards work?

Megan: I work to live and I love what I do.  It’s about making a friend, which is what Stan, my grandpa always used to say.  Yes, we need to run a healthy business to stay in business but for me it’s more important to impact someone’s life in a great way.  Fitting someone with a pair of shoes can literally change a life, the way someone walks, the comfort of their body on the job, the comfort of their feet while they are doing a physical activity, etc. We see our impact everyday helping someone out at our stores. A pair of shoes or accessory is an investment and there is a lot of competition out there so if someone decides to work with us, I feel like my job is accomplished.

We truly see the impact of giving and changing a life with our Share-A-Pair shoe drive, where we collect new or gently used shoes and donate them locally to Repairers of the Breach or Father Gene’s HELP Center.  We also donate to Soles4Souls, a national non-profit.  This is truly partnering with our community and customers to help individuals in our backyard, getting them back on their feet.  A pair of shoes can allow individuals in need to go to a job interview, church, or have protection from mother nature’s elements.

How do your customers feel about Earth Brand Shoes?

Megan:  Our customers love the Earth brand!  Not only is the brand ageless and understandable, the product is comfortable and fashionable.  We have a loyal customer-base who has latched onto the Earth brand and have become loyal Earth customers!

Claire Stans Staff

What’s your favorite style for this season?

Megan:  My favorite style for Spring is that white is back!  I am loving the light floral of the Earth Tangelo.  It’s feminine, yet understandable.  I can’t wait to wear mine once the weather gets warmer!

What is it about Stan’s that your customers love?

Megan:  From a survey we asked a couple months ago, I am confident to say that overall customers love our selection of quality styles and brands, our knowledgeable and helpful staff, and great sized and widths to accommodate all different size feet.