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Blog by Kristy: It’s summertime and just like everyone else, my weekends are spent doing everything I possibly can outdoors! For me, that means by the pool, on the beach, boating, exploring and traveling.

With all that, comes a lot of packing. Most weekends I don’t even know my plans till last minute and I always find them changing. Usually, a weekend away means packing at least 5 pairs of shoes for just 2 days because you never know what you might end up doing! If you’re like me, I would always find myself saying well I need a beach sandal, a comfy shoe for walking the town and if I go out at night, I need something that will be stylish. Oh and of course I need options for all those occasions too! The good news, with Earth shoes I don’t need to think like that anymore.

After trying my first pair of Earth shoes, I was hooked. I now own many pairs and most of the time that’s all you will see me wearing. The comfort is unreal. The styles are all so trendy and unique. I look back now and I’m not even sure how I ever wore anything else. Slipping into Earth shoes you instantly feel the comfort of the footbed with arch support. I also love that the styles are so unique you really won’t see anything else like it.

I am thankful for my Earth shoes allowing me to stay comfortable, trendy and keep my travel bag light! In these photos I’m wearing the Maple Castine while away for the weekend in Wellfleet, MA.

Blog by Donna: I’ve been a Territory Manager at Earth for 8 years.  It’s great to work for a brand that I really believe in. 

I’ve had more than my share of problems with my feet and I love that I can wear Earth all day and get the support that I need, be comfortable and look great.  Whether I am on my feet at a trade show or traveling to see my accounts I can count on my Earth shoes to fit the bill!! With so many different styles to choose from I am covered no matter what my activity is on any given day.  Day into evening, athletic-Earth has me covered.

In this photo I am wearing the Ficus Sagittarius.  I was away on a little vacation to Newport, RI.  The Ficus was a little dressier for a nice dinner and really comfortable for walking around downtown Newport and taking in the sights and nightlife.  I love the styling of this shoe and always get compliments when I wear it.  It’s one of my favorites of this season!

Blog by Trisha: I couldn’t be happier with my Khaya Kella Earth Shoes! My first time wearing them was during my weekend away in Napa. They were so comfortable while walking around the vineyards and shopping on the streets in town.

The Velcro straps make it so easy to slip on and the platform height allows you to wear a heel all day without the pain!  My new favorite summer shoe!

Blog by Amanda: When I first saw the Earth Shoes Linden Lehi, it was truly love at first sight. From the color to the gladiator style & of course the all-day comfort that Earth provides, I knew that this style needed to be added to my (forever growing) shoe closet.

The forest green is really a great neutral & can be styled so many ways. You can dress this style up or down.  Since trying this style it really has been my go to shoe for work days, date nights and adventures on the weekend. I first tried the Linden Lehi on my trip to Vegas and to Zion National Park, and it did not disappoint!

The Linden Lehi provided the all-day comfort that I have found and come to expect for Earth, and as always there was no break in time needed! If you’re looking for a great summer style- look no further!

Blog by Hannah: Music festivals are officially in full swing! If you have tickets to attend one of the many festivals this season, I promise, you’ll definitely want to be wearing a comfortable pair of shoes.

This year, I went to Hangout Music Festival, an annual three-day event held on the public beaches of the Gulf Shores in Alabama, with 4 of my friends. I knew we would be on our feet and walking a lot, but I didn’t realize just how much! Between walking the mile and a half to and from our condo each day, running from one set to another, and exploring all of the activities at the festival, we walked about 30 miles over the weekend. We were on our feet from 11am until at least 11pm every single day, dancing, running, walking and having the time of our lives. I am SO thankful I chose to wear the Mira Azore, an adventure-ready style that is so light, supportive and adjustable! By the end of the first day, every single one of my friends had blisters, twisted ankles, knee aches, etc. and they felt this for all three days, but not me! The arch support, Powerpath footbed and comfortable straps kept my feet feeling good all weekend long.

At this festival in particular, half of the event is held on the sand and half is on the street. It was really nice being able to easily strap my sandals onto my fanny pack whenever I hit the sand and didn’t feel like wearing my shoes.

My first music festival was one of the happiest, most magical experiences of my life, and what made it even better was that I didn’t have to worry about the comfort-ability of my shoes. If you have plans to attend a music festival this summer, I would HIGHLY recommend giving the Mira Azore a try!


Waltham, Mass., December 21, 2018 – It’s been a long time. Too long, many consumers would say. But that’s only stoked the demand. Today Earth, Inc. announced the release of the Iconic Capsule Collection from Earth Kalso—remakes of the original Kalso styles that became an icon for a generation.

“People have been asking us for years to bring back the styles that became synonymous with comfort and wellness in the 1970s,” says Philippe Meynard, president of Earth, Inc.  “Some are loyalists from back in the day—but many are Millennials who’ve seen the shoes in vintage photos. We’ve got good news for everybody!”

The Capsule Collection to be released in February 2019 will feature three styles—two for women and one in both men’s and women’s sizes. The look is pure nostalgia, with clean lines and premium leathers, while the technology inside has been updated with modern, environmentally sustainable materials and the company’s signature comfort system.

“The heart is in the same place, but in fifty years footwear has come a long way,” explains Meynard. “The collection features a new and improved Powerpath Footbed Design made with technically advanced materials.”

But does it have the iconic negative heel?

“Of course!” says Meynard. “We’re calling it a Grounded Heel, and it delivers the same feel and even more comfort than the original that was developed by Anne Kalso in Denmark in the late 1950s. This is going to make a lot of people very, very happy.”

One look at the Kalso Facebook page confirms Meynard’s prediction. Countless comments like, “I miss these shoes!”, “Please make a classic line” and “Bring back the old design!!” make it clear that the demand is there.

Just in time for the Iconic Capsule Collection comes a new Kalso website, where consumers can find the three iconic styles—along with a heavy hit of nostalgia from 1970s photos.

“Earth Kalso a nostalgic brand, but also a very modern one,” concludes Meynard. “It’s for everyone who appreciates feeling great.”

Check out the styles coming soon:


Waltham, Mass., December 15, 2018 – Earth Shoes today announced their biggest evolution since they re-introduced Earth Shoes into the marketplace 20 years ago: a new Earth logo and all-new branding. Starting in Spring 2019, consumers can expect to see the brand’s new logo everywhere—on every product and on their all-new recycled and glueless shoeboxes. The new look speaks to Earth’s loyal consumers, while inviting a whole new consumer into the world of Earth.

“We take great pride in being a company that’s always evolving, striving to be our best and open to change,” explains Philippe Meynard, president of Earth, Inc.  “Our new identity reflects our incredible past while pushing ahead as a brand that believes in wellness, promotes vitality and brings joy to those who wear it.”

Spring ‘19 will also mark the official re-introduction of the exclusive Earth Powerpath Footbed Design—inspired by Anne Kalso’s original design created in the 1950s that was an exclusive comfort feature inside the iconic Kalso Earth Shoe.

“Inside each of our shoes and across all of our brands—Earth, Earth Origins and Earth Kalso—consumers will find our exclusive footbed,” explains Meynard. “It’s designed to provide the ultimate in underfoot comfort and energize every step by combing a shock-absorbing heel, stabilizing arch support and high-density cushioning at the ball of the foot. It naturally propels and uplifts each step.”

As a brand focused on sustainability, Earth is expanding on their recycled shoeboxes and long-term partnership with Trees for the Future by introducing more sustainable shoe manufacturing and sourcing practices. Moving forward, the brand will be using biodegradable shoe forms in their manufacturing, and more organic and recycled materials in their shoes.

“This is an exciting time for our brand—sharing a new identity that deeply resonates with consumers and represents what Earth Shoes has become,” concludes Meynard. “Earth Shoes is Modern Wellness Fashion.”

Earth Shoes can be found at premium retailers across the country and online at

We’ve officially emerged into the depths of fall. Up here in New England, the leaves are peaking through their transition from green to rich gold, orange, and rouge hues. The weather’s getting chillier and each morning greets us with a crisp breeze paired with sunny warmth to wake us up in the best way.

We love taking advantage of this season any way we can: crunching through the leaves that scatter the sidewalk, admiring the freshly carved pumpkins leading up to Halloween, biting into crisp apples covered in gooey caramel, and strolling slowly through city streets on the way to a friendly (pumpkin-spice-pancake filled) brunch admiring the transitions that surround us.

For these adventures, beautiful, trendy, comfortable shoes are key. That’s why we rely on finding a perfect sneaker and a gorgeous boot to wear throughout the season. One to two pairs of each of these makes it easy to get dressed in the morning: a sneaker and a bootie pairs well with everything, whether you’re getting dressed up for that yummy brunch or looking casual for a relaxed day outdoors.

On our average weekend, we spend half the time in comfort. Whether it’s running around the house readying our homes for colder weather or walking between grocery stores to find the perfect Thanksgiving ingredients, we need a go-to foot hugging shoe.

With trend in mind comes the Zane, a “sneaker boot” that spices up any comfort-driven outfit. Slip on a pair of leggings and a flowing sweater, zip up these sneaks, and you’re out the door and on your way to crossing off that to-do list. We love these shoes as an accent to a sweater dress, paired with drop-waist pants, or jeans rolled at the ankle.

The Kepler has a similar function with a more casual vibe. In a variety of colors to match whatever fashion aesthetic you’re rocking, lace up these sneakers for an easy on-the-go look that never goes out of style.

When sneakers aren’t on our feet, it’s nearly a guarantee that our favorite boots are. One of our favorites this season is the Earth Shoes Sparta, a (comfortable!) heeled bootie that doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing a heel. The unbridled suede covering the entirety of the shoe offers class and sophistication to any outfit. Pair the cinnamon shade with higher, colorful socks underneath for a classically layered fall vibe. Feeling feisty for a date night? Layer black or sheer tights under the leopard-print style.

We love pairing the Sparta with a maroon fall dress (they hug the ankle just right to wear with tights) of the sweater or linen variety. Jeans pair perfectly with these perfect booties; roll them up to further accent the shoes.

Whether you’re hitting the town, heading out to a delicious dinner, or kicking through fall leaves on an errand-filled weekend, a great sneaker and a perfect bootie are all you need for your wardrobe to feel complete.

Visit Earth Shoes today to peruse the rest of our newest fall styles. And in the meantime, happy leaf-peeping.

What are you up to this Labor Day weekend? Typically, this time of year marks the figurative end of summer, the end of beachside vacations, the start of school, and the emergence of cooler fall weather.

While we’re always sad to see that summer warmth and sunshine go away, the loss is made all that much easier by the beauty of autumn. With the change of the leaves; the crisp, dry air; football season; and hot, steamy lattes, fall is one of those seasons that screams coziness, warmth, and forest-laden adventure.

This transition between seasons also signals a shift in your wardrobe. Fashions abound during the fall, and while summer fashions may be minimalistic (we practically live in bathing suits, sandals, and shorts), fall takes on a whole lot more fabric, allowing creativity to shine.

Whether you’re a flannel-wearing fiend or a sweater-dress-loving lady, we all know that a good pair of shoes can make or break an outfit, both in style and comfort.

This year, we’re loving a great pair of booties to transition between warmer and cooler weather. Booties – like the heeled Sparta seen here – pair perfectly with a good pair of jeans (or white pants – we’ll never shame you for wearing them after Labor Day), a flowing “summer’s still here” frock, or a cute skirt and flowing top. Roll up your pants a few times for a classic look that shows off your trend-setting boots.

As the weather gets cooler, switch out those short booties for a taller pair, like these newly-released waterproof beauties. Not only do boots rank number one in fall style, they keep you comfortable for even the longest days exploring new cities and new heights.

For those warmer fall days, we’re huge fans of slipping into a pair of patterned flats. The Alina is our go-to this year for adorable patterns that spice up even the blandest of outfits. Flats have a reputation for lacking support – but not these babies. The Alina combines Earth Shoes’ best technologies that mimic the natural movement of your foot and optimize strength throughout the day. While the footbed absorbs impact, the foot pad stabilizes, and the toe bed propels you forward.

For the comfiest of days – whether you’re outside at a friend’s backyard barbeque, soaking up the cooler weather, or running errands at the local farmer’s market, scooping up fall produce galore – on-trend sneakers are your new go-to. This year, we’ve pumped up the volume on fashion-forward elements within our sneakers, all while keeping that same Earth Shoes comfort you know and love. The Zeal in black hints at edginess and truly elevates simple jeans and a t-shirt for a sleek vibe. The Zane, another favorite, incorporates both red suede and blue leather for a contrast of textures you can’t find anywhere else.

At Earth Shoes, of course, sustainability is at our core. The beauty of fall always reminds us how much nature means to us – not only does it sustain our physical health, but our mental happiness as well. Our newest fall styles incorporate vegetable-tanned leathers and water-based adhesives to minimize chemical dyes, while incorporating as many recycled materials as possible.

How excited are you for fall fashion? What pair of shoes are you most looking forward to breaking out of the closet? Let us know in the comments below!

Summer seems to go by so fast, doesn’t it? Between vacations planned and weekends away, it flies by. That’s why we always try to make the most of it by planning a wide variety of summer trips that make the most of the warm weather, time with family and friends, and beauty of the season.

This also means that weekends fill up, fast! We look at our calendars and the weekends are all booked up with trips to the beach, new cities we want to explore, and events and concerts at outdoor venues.

It certainly isn’t a problem that the summer is booked up with fun! It also means that our time is limited (no more getting chores done on the weekend…), so we need to prioritize.

The last thing that needs to take up headspace is thinking about what to wear in the morning, and in the case of weekend trips, what to pack. Who else out there always packs way too much because you can’t figure out what you’ll want to wear? Believe us, our hands are up!

So let’s jumpstart your summer with a bit of outfit inspiration. These simple beauties translate between the boardwalk and the beach, summer days and cooler nights. The shoes attached are guaranteed to keep you comfortable all day long and into the wee hours of the evening, and translate easily between daytime and nighttime wear.

First, weekend casual. There’s nothing simpler and cuter than throwing on a pair of your favorite jeans, a cute neutral top, and a few simple yet colorful accessories to make an adorable, trendy outfit perfect for exploring a new city. We love this black-and-white striped blouse paired with a bright yellow daypack and matching belt. The Violet flats bring the whole outfit together; the neutral lavender shoe matches perfectly, while the fashion-forward perforated holes allow your feet to breathe in warmer weather. Plus, the sole is comfy – perfect for walking cobblestone streets, window shopping, or heading to brunch.

Next, the beachside traveler. This fashion-forward number pairs bright, fun shorts with a simple white top for ultimate summer style. The bow on the shorts cinches your waist to make you look leaner and longer. Pair it with cute accessories like retro sunglasses and a sun hat to keep your skin fresh, glowing, and not burnt from the sun. The red Allegro flats pull the outfit together by coordinating with the shorts and offering yet another colorful summer pop to your style. These flats are perfect for walking along the boardwalk and keeping your feet happy all day long. Head to the beach this summer and stay cool and comfortable in this silhouette.

And lastly, the nighttime trendsetter. It’s always fun to get a little more dressed up during summer nights, whether you’re heading out to dinner on date night or out dancing on the town with your girlfriends. This adorable green dress offers trendy cutouts that aren’t too revealing for the perfect nighttime look. Top with a black leather jacket to stay warm during chillier summer nights while adding a bit of edge and flair to your look. The dangling earrings really pull the outfit together with a bit of gold pop. And lastly – those shoes. The Zest slip-ons add even more edge to the leather jacket, while the laser cut ventilation in these flats keep you feet happy and cool as you dance the night away.

With a little bit of outfit inspiration, summer packing – and simply getting dressed in the morning – gets a whole lot less stressful and leaves you time for the things you love to do. So enjoy your summer weekends this year in style! You deserve it.