Love the Earth

April 2020 is a milestone year for Earth Shoes.  We’re turning the big 5-0.  That’s right, it’s been 50 years since Earth, Inc. was born and since we sold the first pair of Earth Shoes in a small retail store located in Union Square, New York City.  

To recognize our 50th Birthday, we had big plans to celebrate, especially since this is not only our birthday month, but April 2020 also marks 50 years since the first ever Earth Day Celebration. Fate for certain.  However, like all of us, we’ve had to cancel or postpone big celebrations. But what we don’t need to postpone is making our birthday wish, which hasn’t changed since the day we began this journey.  

For our birthday, we wish to Heal The World.  It’s a big one, we know.  And we can’t do it alone.  We need your help to help heal the planet, our neighbors and our spirits.  

That’s why we’ve chosen to match 100% of donations made to the American Red Cross when you make a purchase at That’s also why we plant a tree with every purchase made on (by the way, we have just surpassed 1 million trees planted!).   And, that’s why we’re offering up to 75% off on our website. 

It’s an honor to be able to celebrate such a milestone and we are so humbled and grateful to you, for getting us here.  Please help us celebrate and buy yourself (or a friend) some comfy and stylish shoes at an amazing price at, make a donation to the Red Cross and we’ll match your donation – and, we’ll plant a tree on your behalf.  

Let’s Heal The World together.  

In comfort, 

Phil Meynard
CEO, Earth, Inc.

This is a time to do everything we can to help those on the frontlines so they can care for the sick, without having to fear their own safety. We are so grateful for the nurses, doctors and service workers facing this challenge everyday.

Earth donated 4,000 masks to Mt. Auburn Hospital, a Boston-area hospital just around the corner from our headquarters in Waltham, MA.

In this photo, Earth, Inc. CEO Phil Meynard personally counts and packs all 4,000 masks ahead of drop off.

We are in this together. Stay safe, everyone.

Blog by Maddy: We’re in a climate crisis. People are concerned and want to help – but most are either hesitant to make changes or don’t know where to start.

Everyone gets stuck in their ways due to convenience or old habit. Is there something you do that you know you should stop doing – but have a hard time changing your ways?  For example, are you still buying and drinking out of plastic water bottles? Investing in a reusable one is much cheaper in the long run and prevents your car from becoming an empty water bottle wasteland. But cutting the cord from the convenience and habit of water bottles can be a challenge.

Change is hard!  It can be much easier when you make mini-goals and change one thing at a time.  There are many easy ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle that can quickly become a new normal, and will likely save you time and money. Here are sustainable swaps you can make in your daily routine that will make a big impact on our environment for the better.

Buying in bulk

Rushing to get to work in the morning calls for on-the-go breakfasts, which include things like granola bars, protein bars and yogurts. The problem with these types of foods is that they are all individually wrapped. These one-use items add so much waste to our environment without us even noticing. So instead of buying individual cups of yogurt, try buying the larger container size. This will not only save you money, but it will help the environment too. This is also great for making your own to-go yogurt bowls. Using your own container leaves more room for delicious toppings that wouldn’t fit in the individual sized cups! You can also use a reusable glass container and load-up with granola, nuts and seeds (which can also be bought in bulk).

Another sustainable swap would be to make your own granola and protein bars instead of buying the pre-packaged ones. There are so many simple recipes all over the Internet that will taste way better than anything store-bought and will be much cheaper. Not to mention, they are so much healthier!

Swapping out your toothbrush and toothpaste.

A bamboo toothbrush and eco-friendly toothpaste are great swaps from the typical plastic toothbrush and name-brand toothpaste.

The bamboo handle is completely biodegradable or can be recycled if the bristles are removed. Along with switching your toothbrush, trying an eco-friendly toothpaste can have a big impact on not only our environment, but our health too. Toothpaste may not seem like it has an environmental impact because it’s used in such small amounts at a time. Think about how much toothpaste is used as a population every day. The chemicals that go into traditional toothpastes are washed down the drain and go into our Earth’s waterways and our bodies. Switching to an organic or eco-friendly toothpaste is an easy and affordable way to reduce our waste. 

Another tip is to be conscious of how much water you’re using. Things like leaving the shower on for long periods of time before you get in or letting the water run while you brush your teeth are just simple habit changes you can make to reduce water waste.

Packing a lunchbox

First things first, the key word in the phrase above is lunchbox! Using a reusable lunchbox instead of brown paper bags is a simple way to reduce waste. Now you also have a reason to buy a super cute lunchbox to bring to work with you every day. What goes into that lunchbox is also important for our environment. Pack snacks and sandwiches in reusable silicone bags, and pack salads, soups, etc. in glass containers. Glass containers last much longer than Tupperware and do much better in the dishwasher as well. Along with your lunch, don’t forget your reusable water bottle!

The key to getting started is to be aware. Be aware of how much waste you’re really producing. How many napkins do you really need to take from the napkin dispenser? Can you use a regular towel instead of a paper towel? Once you are aware of how much you’re using, you’ll make more of an effort to stop and reduce that waste.

Other ideas like packing leftovers in glass containers instead of plastic bags, using reusable grocery bags at the grocery store, taking public transportation when possible are just a few practices that will have a positive impact on our environment.  

Every little change matters. When everyone does their part, it makes a huge impact!

Blog by Maddy: Comfortable shoes when traveling are a NECESSITY because of the long hours in the airport, miles of sightseeing and everything in between. When on vacation the last thing you, or anyone wants for that matter is hearing complaints about how much your feet hurt. But, you don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort right? It’s hard to find the balance between super cute and comfortable shoes but Earth shoes provide the perfect balance of both. From first hand experience, they are awesome for any sort of adventure you plan on taking.

My family recently returned from a trip to Italy and my sister, mom and I solely relied on Earth shoes to do all of our walking and traveling. And let me tell you, these shoes were just what we needed.

For the flight, I wore Earth’s Journey Ramble sneakers in white. I wanted a closed-toe shoe because airport floors can be pretty grimy, and going through security barefoot was not on my agenda. I’ve worn these with no-show socks or regular socks and both looked great! These sneakers are so comfortable and were perfect for rushing around the airport to catch our connecting flights. I also changed into a dress once I got to Italy because it was so hot and the sneakers went great with both my leggings and the dress!

On this trip, we traveled to thirteen cities, including Florence, Siena, Vernazza, Portofino, Tuscany and so many more. Every single day my mom, sister and I wore our Earth shoes. We each packed only two or three pairs because they are so versatile and seriously match any outfit! A bonus is that these shoes are lightweight which helped when trying to keep our carry-on’s under eighteen pounds. Earth shoes took us so many places. The first place being the leaning tower of Pisa, where I wore Earth’s Pine Toba sandals in the color sand.

Next I wore the same pair of shoes, Earth’s Pine Toba, but in black. I wore these through the winding, cobblestone streets of Tellaro. These shoes are like all-terrain sandals, and definitely give you some height which I love. I had no trouble walking down the steep streets and I looked good doing it. (Disclaimer: these sandals are my favorite pair of Earth shoes I own, hands down).

My sister wore Earth’s Sand Havana sandals in white. I own these in the color “alpaca 2” and love both colors just the same. These shoes are great to slide on when on the go. I’m all about comfort and have found that in the past, most slip-on sandals I’ve owned never stay on my feet comfortably. With these shoes, I have no problem with that!

The third pair of shoes I wore were Earth’s Grove Fuji in white. I wore these on a cheese tour and to a cooking class in Parma. We also went to Florence, where my sister rocked her colorful Earth shoes.

If it wasn’t obvious, to say my family loves these shoes is an understatement. But how could we not? They’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve owned and they are so cute! Not to mention they are reasonably priced and match any outfit. So if you’re planning a trip and looking for some new kicks, check out Earth. They will not disappoint.

Why reducing plastic waste is the “new” eco-friendly trend you should get on board with. – Madison Bethune

Plastic is like the air we breathe. We have become so dependent on it for even the smallest parts of our everyday lives: From the toothbrush and toothpaste bottle we use when we wake up, to our phones and their chargers, to the sandwich bag we pack our lunches in, and everything in between. Plastic has been blended into our routines to the point where we don’t even notice it anymore. And how stealthily plastic has snuck into our daily tasks is equal to how easily we throw it away without even realizing.

For years, the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) has stressed the importance of reducing our levels of plastic waste due to its serious impact on our environment. But only recently have towns, grocery stores and other businesses started taking action through means of banning plastic bags, switching to paper straws, etc. So why plastic? Why is it really so bad and why should you do your part to reduce our plastic waste? Here’s the answer made simple:

Plastic makes up 10% of human waste production. 10% may not seem like much, but plastic contributes at a much greater amount to the waste buildup along shorelines, in natural habitats, and in our towns due to its longevity. Depending on the product, plastic can take up to 1000 years to decompose. A plastic water bottle takes 450 years, and a plastic bag can take anywhere from 10-1000 years. This buildup is killing animal species around the world due to the amount that ends up in the ocean, forests, and places we as people may not see it. Out of site, out of mind right? Wrong. Although we as people may not confuse plastic for food like ocean animals do, plastic is getting into our bodies through different means.

Microplastics are about .2 inches in diameter and can be man-made for products like exfoliators, or made through the decaying of larger plastic products. What we see as an exfoliating face wash that we wash down the drain every morning, a fish sees as food. The chemicals that are used to produce plastic are now in the fish we eat, and are in turn absorbed into our bodies when we eat that fish. Another way plastic is harmful to us is because it’s getting into our water supply. Because plastic takes so long to decompose, it sits at the bottom of landfills and is absorbed into our groundwater, which again we take in through consumption.

So essentially, plastic is bad because it theoretically never goes away. It sits on our Earth and releases chemicals into places where we get our food and water. Not to mention that recent reports have found that plastic waste contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases which are causing global warming and climate change. So basically, plastic is a no-go. Even though you may think you won’t be able to make a difference, reducing the amount of plastic you alone contribute to the Earth will have a serious impact. If one person takes action, and another person, and another, we can significantly decrease the amount of plastic waste we produce, making our home the Earth, a much happier and healthier place to live for all.

One way you can reduce your plastic use is to shop eco friendly brands! Earth Shoes takes pride in the sustainable steps they take to their plastic waste. First, all of Earth’s shoeboxes are made from recycled materials, and are recyclable. The boxes are also made with no glue, staples, or varnishes and are made with soy-based inks. A newer sustainable step Earth has taken is starting with the Fall 2019 line, all molds and shoe bags found inside the shoes are made from biodegradable corn compounds. So starting from the shoes you walk in, start taking steps (literally and figuratively) to reduce your plastic waste, and spread the word!

Blog by Kristy: It’s summertime and just like everyone else, my weekends are spent doing everything I possibly can outdoors! For me, that means by the pool, on the beach, boating, exploring and traveling.

With all that, comes a lot of packing. Most weekends I don’t even know my plans till last minute and I always find them changing. Usually, a weekend away means packing at least 5 pairs of shoes for just 2 days because you never know what you might end up doing! If you’re like me, I would always find myself saying well I need a beach sandal, a comfy shoe for walking the town and if I go out at night, I need something that will be stylish. Oh and of course I need options for all those occasions too! The good news, with Earth shoes I don’t need to think like that anymore.

After trying my first pair of Earth shoes, I was hooked. I now own many pairs and most of the time that’s all you will see me wearing. The comfort is unreal. The styles are all so trendy and unique. I look back now and I’m not even sure how I ever wore anything else. Slipping into Earth shoes you instantly feel the comfort of the footbed with arch support. I also love that the styles are so unique you really won’t see anything else like it.

I am thankful for my Earth shoes allowing me to stay comfortable, trendy and keep my travel bag light! In these photos I’m wearing the Maple Castine while away for the weekend in Wellfleet, MA.

Blog by Donna: I’ve been a Territory Manager at Earth for 8 years.  It’s great to work for a brand that I really believe in. 

I’ve had more than my share of problems with my feet and I love that I can wear Earth all day and get the support that I need, be comfortable and look great.  Whether I am on my feet at a trade show or traveling to see my accounts I can count on my Earth shoes to fit the bill!! With so many different styles to choose from I am covered no matter what my activity is on any given day.  Day into evening, athletic-Earth has me covered.

In this photo I am wearing the Ficus Sagittarius.  I was away on a little vacation to Newport, RI.  The Ficus was a little dressier for a nice dinner and really comfortable for walking around downtown Newport and taking in the sights and nightlife.  I love the styling of this shoe and always get compliments when I wear it.  It’s one of my favorites of this season!

Blog by Trisha: I couldn’t be happier with my Khaya Kella Earth Shoes! My first time wearing them was during my weekend away in Napa. They were so comfortable while walking around the vineyards and shopping on the streets in town.

The Velcro straps make it so easy to slip on and the platform height allows you to wear a heel all day without the pain!  My new favorite summer shoe!

Blog by Sara: Traveling is good for your soul, promotes creativity, relieves stress and increases your connection with other cultures. I love to travel as much as I can and I just recently came back from my honeymoon in Scotland. I had such an amazing time exploring the city and experiencing the Scottish culture. My husband and I stayed in Scotland’s capitol called Edinburgh. I’ve been to Scotland before, many years ago, but my husband’s never been and I was excited to show him this beautiful city. Before we headed out to catch our flight, I planned out exactly what I was going to wear each and every day because of the 50-pound luggage limit. It is almost impossible for me to not go over! I love fashion and I always have. I take pride in what I wear and always try and look presentable, even if I am going to just run errands or go hiking, so packing was especially a long project for me! I tried my best to plan out exactly what we were going to do every day so I can know what outfit would be appropriate to wear for those activities.

Of course, part of every outfit is picking out the ideal pair of shoes to wear. I used to not care about the comfort aspect of my shoes, only the style. Back in college, I didn’t even care if I ruined my feet with blisters and cuts just so I can wear the perfect heels out. Now that I am getting a little older, finding the perfect pair of shoes that are stylish and comfortable is key and a staple for me. The one pair of shoes that I wore multiple days in Scotland were the Ivy Sahara heels. I was surprised these were so comfortable right out of the box. I am not a heel person necessarily anymore, but I wanted to bring a pair to elevate my style when we went out for dinner every night. These were perfect and so comfortable! All Earth shoes come with their signature cushioned footbed that has the Powerpath technology inside to help energize and uplift every step. The Ivy Sahara also has amazing arch support which is perfect for me because I have a very high arch in both feet and the more support the better. These were also ideal for Scotland because the city of Edinburgh has so many hills and stairs. You would think wearing sneakers in this city would be best, but the Ivy Sahara heels really held its own! The style and color were ideal with my style. The neutral color really went with every outfit I had. I highly recommend these shoes and of course Scotland!


Waltham, Mass., December 15, 2018 – Earth Shoes today announced their biggest evolution since they re-introduced Earth Shoes into the marketplace 20 years ago: a new Earth logo and all-new branding. Starting in Spring 2019, consumers can expect to see the brand’s new logo everywhere—on every product and on their all-new recycled and glueless shoeboxes. The new look speaks to Earth’s loyal consumers, while inviting a whole new consumer into the world of Earth.

“We take great pride in being a company that’s always evolving, striving to be our best and open to change,” explains Philippe Meynard, president of Earth, Inc.  “Our new identity reflects our incredible past while pushing ahead as a brand that believes in wellness, promotes vitality and brings joy to those who wear it.”

Spring ‘19 will also mark the official re-introduction of the exclusive Earth Powerpath Footbed Design—inspired by Anne Kalso’s original design created in the 1950s that was an exclusive comfort feature inside the iconic Kalso Earth Shoe.

“Inside each of our shoes and across all of our brands—Earth, Earth Origins and Earth Kalso—consumers will find our exclusive footbed,” explains Meynard. “It’s designed to provide the ultimate in underfoot comfort and energize every step by combing a shock-absorbing heel, stabilizing arch support and high-density cushioning at the ball of the foot. It naturally propels and uplifts each step.”

As a brand focused on sustainability, Earth is expanding on their recycled shoeboxes and long-term partnership with Trees for the Future by introducing more sustainable shoe manufacturing and sourcing practices. Moving forward, the brand will be using biodegradable shoe forms in their manufacturing, and more organic and recycled materials in their shoes.

“This is an exciting time for our brand—sharing a new identity that deeply resonates with consumers and represents what Earth Shoes has become,” concludes Meynard. “Earth Shoes is Modern Wellness Fashion.”

Earth Shoes can be found at premium retailers across the country and online at