Maximize Vacation Relaxation — and Fitness!

With warmer summer weather comes the time for leisurely vacations. Whether your kids are finally out of school, work is slowing down, or you simply want to enjoy the weather this time of year, the time is now to take that vacation your body craves. After all, with how hard you all work every day, we know you deserve it!

So many vacations start out with the best of intentions. With all the free time – no workload, appointments, or kids’ schedules to manage – it’s easy to have a positive attitude about staying active and healthy during vacation. I’ll have so much more time to jog!

And then: after five days and many fun happy hours, decadent dinners, and days of beachside lounging, it turns out you never got in a workout. You go home feeling rested yet sluggish, and slightly anxious that you didn’t stick to your fitness routine.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Vacations are for rest and relaxation, yes, but they can also be a time to let your body decompress through fitness – swimming, running, yoga, meditation, and cycling are all stress-relieving in some way or another. Luckily, by making a few tweaks to your vacation, you can find ways to prioritize fitness while still having the enjoyable, relaxing time off you dreamed of.

First, surround yourself with good company. You’ll be way more likely to work out if your fellow travelers also make it a priority. If you’re with a crew that isn’t into that sort of thing, invite your favorite workout pal along (it may even help you get closer!). If that isn’t an option, text those you’re traveling with prior to the trip and remind them to bring their workout clothes – just in case!

On that note, the more prepared you are to fit in fitness, the more likely you are to do it. Set yourself up for success by packing all your necessary gear – no matter how much space it takes up in your suitcase. Compile multiple tops, bottoms, and pairs of socks, your sneakers, your headphones… maybe even a yoga mat. Whatever you need to motivate you, bring it along for the ride!

Incorporating fitness in this way helps you find a healthy balance between working out and indulging. It can be motivating to continue to remind yourself that, no matter how many desserts you choose to have (which you totally deserve!), you’re staying healthy in another way. Staying active makes it easier to truly indulge in the things that make you happiest (a second glass of wine, anyone?).

One way to always fit in fitness? Wake up earlier. Not only will you be more likely to squeeze in a workout if you do it early in the morning (no mid-afternoon cocktails getting in the way of your motivation!), you’ll also get to see some beautiful sunrises and enjoy the morning light, which can be incredibly soothing in itself.

Achieving fitness doesn’t only have to focus on running or other activities – your overall wellbeing and holistic fitness matters, too. Take some time to take care of yourself by treating your body to the best spa in town. Massage your muscles, take care of your skin, and clip down your nails. Being your healthiest self doesn’t stop with exercise!

If these tips still seem difficult for you to incorporate into your typical vacations, consider trying a wellness retreat. On those vacations, they set up the fitness and healthy eating for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. They take care of nourishing your body, you take care of the relaxation.

How do you stay active and healthy on vacation? We’d love to hear your best tactics!

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