Music Festival Sandals

Blog by Hannah: Music festivals are officially in full swing! If you have tickets to attend one of the many festivals this season, I promise, you’ll definitely want to be wearing a comfortable pair of shoes.

This year, I went to Hangout Music Festival, an annual three-day event held on the public beaches of the Gulf Shores in Alabama, with 4 of my friends. I knew we would be on our feet and walking a lot, but I didn’t realize just how much! Between walking the mile and a half to and from our condo each day, running from one set to another, and exploring all of the activities at the festival, we walked about 30 miles over the weekend. We were on our feet from 11am until at least 11pm every single day, dancing, running, walking and having the time of our lives. I am SO thankful I chose to wear the Mira Azore, an adventure-ready style that is so light, supportive and adjustable! By the end of the first day, every single one of my friends had blisters, twisted ankles, knee aches, etc. and they felt this for all three days, but not me! The arch support, Powerpath footbed and comfortable straps kept my feet feeling good all weekend long.

At this festival in particular, half of the event is held on the sand and half is on the street. It was really nice being able to easily strap my sandals onto my fanny pack whenever I hit the sand and didn’t feel like wearing my shoes.

My first music festival was one of the happiest, most magical experiences of my life, and what made it even better was that I didn’t have to worry about the comfort-ability of my shoes. If you have plans to attend a music festival this summer, I would HIGHLY recommend giving the Mira Azore a try!

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