One Weekend One Pair Of Shoes

Blog by Kristy: It’s summertime and just like everyone else, my weekends are spent doing everything I possibly can outdoors! For me, that means by the pool, on the beach, boating, exploring and traveling.

With all that, comes a lot of packing. Most weekends I don’t even know my plans till last minute and I always find them changing. Usually, a weekend away means packing at least 5 pairs of shoes for just 2 days because you never know what you might end up doing! If you’re like me, I would always find myself saying well I need a beach sandal, a comfy shoe for walking the town and if I go out at night, I need something that will be stylish. Oh and of course I need options for all those occasions too! The good news, with Earth shoes I don’t need to think like that anymore.

After trying my first pair of Earth shoes, I was hooked. I now own many pairs and most of the time that’s all you will see me wearing. The comfort is unreal. The styles are all so trendy and unique. I look back now and I’m not even sure how I ever wore anything else. Slipping into Earth shoes you instantly feel the comfort of the footbed with arch support. I also love that the styles are so unique you really won’t see anything else like it.

I am thankful for my Earth shoes allowing me to stay comfortable, trendy and keep my travel bag light! In these photos I’m wearing the Maple Castine while away for the weekend in Wellfleet, MA.

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