Reasons to Exercise this Year – That Don’t Include Losing Weight

This time of year, so often women make their resolutions to lose weight. Oftentimes this resolution stems from an outside pressure to be thin as dictated by media, magazines, and celebrities. The main goal is aesthetics.

At the end of the day, if you aren’t chasing fat loss for the right reasons, it’s going to be difficult to achieve that goal. It’s hard to stay motivated to do something you really don’t want to do, but feel pressure to do.

We’re here to tell you that your health isn’t only dependent on the number that comes up on a scale. Sure, that general number can be indicative of health, but it isn’t the only metric. All bodies are different, and it’s time we celebrated them for the strength they hold.

This year, we challenge you to set a health and fitness goal that doesn’t have to do with weight loss. Find a reason that truly motivates you to move your body and stay healthy. The reason is different for everyone, but perhaps one of the following might resonate.

I exercise to:

Feel good in my body. Those endorphins that are released when working out are no joke. Not only will they make you feel good in the moment, they can also last throughout the day to make you feel great about being you.

Increase physical strength. Want to be able to lift your kids or grandkids with no problem? Haul all of your groceries out of the car without breaking a sweat? Move furniture around for a friend? Working out builds strength and muscle to help you do just that.

Increase stamina, endurance, and energy levels. It might seem contradictory, but studies have shown that those who exercise regularly have more energy during the day than those who don’t. They’re also able to walk further distances or engage in physical activity for longer periods of time.

Move pain-free. Achy joints? Sore tendons? By strengthening your muscles, bones, and overall health, exercise can help you stay pain-free and even help you recover faster from injury.

Relieve stress. Exercise is a mood-booster and stress-reliever through and through. Feeling stressed at work? Go hit a punching bag at the gym. Feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities at home? Take a few minutes to run on the treadmill and sweat out that stress.

Improve sleep quality. Studies show that those who exercise more frequently sleep longer and deeper throughout the night, which in turn increases your energy levels and makes your future workouts more effective. It all comes full circle!

Serve as an example to your kids, family, and friends. We all know the benefits of exercise – stronger heart and lungs, longevity, strength, happiness, better sleep, and more. Show your loved ones it’s easy to fit in exercise each day: lead by example.

Overall, weight loss can help you achieve the goals above. But by motivating yourself through the above means, it becomes even easier to stick to exercise and fitness goals. What are your reasons for exercise? 

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