Set a Unique, Positive Resolution this Year

It’s that time of year again – the holidays are upon us, which means the New Year is right around the corner. As you’re well aware, many people use the New Year as a time to renew and rejuvenate; this often comes in the form of goals set for the year ahead.

New Year’s resolutions can get a bad reputation. It doesn’t help that articles around the internet state that, on average, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions get ditched by February, and 92 percent get thrown aside before the end of the year. One big reason is that resolution-setters think too big; while it’s impressive to set a lofty goal, it can be difficult to see progress immediately – and many people end up getting frustrated and ditching the goal. Many others set too many goals and find it difficult to fit them all into the ins and outs of daily life.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. The key is to set resolutions that are doable, actionable, and that will truly make you feel good inside. One of the most popular resolutions is to lose weight; while this is an admirable and health-inspired goal that we respect, it’s filled with negativity – the thought is that you have too much weight, and you need to lose it. We prefer to frame goals in a positive light that instill a lifestyle change; for instance, instead of looking at pounds on a scale you need to lose, set a goal to gain muscle, or add more greens to your diet. When you set your goals in a positive frame of mind, they’re more likely to be accomplished.

This year, we’d like to think beyond conventional goals (lose weight, exercise more). We’ve thought through some unique, positive goals that will make you feel great all year long – no matter how you’re progressing. Try one of these goals this year to feel accomplished, creative, and improved.

  1. Meet more new people. How often do you make new friends? You may be settled into a job and town that you love, accomplishing your long-term goal to find happiness in the every day. We applaud this! At the same time, once you settle into a routine, it can be difficult to meet new people. Adding fresh faces to your life helps you learn about yourself and about the world, and continues your rapid growth as a human being. Make a resolution this year to try new activities that help you meet new people – you never know who you might meet and how they may help you grow into your best self!
  2. Try a new food each week. Here’s another way to add some adventure to your life: try new foods. You probably have your staples that you whip up each morning, afternoon, and evening. But adding new dishes, fruits, and vegetables to your diet helps diversify the nutrients you ingest, making for a healthier you. Plus, putting together new recipes with unique foods offers a dose of weekly fun!
  3. Practice kindness each day. New Years’ resolutions tend to be very self-focused, which is certainly admirable and respectable. But this year, try adding one resolution to your year that has an impact on those around you: practicing kindness. Resolve to do one act of kindness for another person per day; pay for someone’s coffee in line behind you, hold a door open, or tell a friend that you appreciate them. This goal will make you feel good day in and day out, and will strengthen your friendships dramatically.
  4. Reduce clutter. Start the new year off right by cleaning clutter out of your home. Life is filled with daily stresses, and surrounding yourself with lots of excess stuff just adds to that stress. Think through what you really need in your home, and donate the rest to those in need.
  5. Get your photo taken in five interesting places. This one is a great tactic for trying new things, traveling, and expanding your horizons. Travel to the edges of the world that you’ve always wanted to go and document your time there to preserve the memory. You don’t even need to travel far to accomplish this goal; interesting sights can oftentimes live just a few miles away.
  6. Add vegetables and reduce meat in your diet by committing to Meatless Mondays. Around 2,000 gallons of water go into raising one pound of beef. That’s a lot of water! Reduce your environmental impact and add more veggies to your diet by incorporating Meatless Mondays into your week. Whether it’s every meal during the day or just dinner, reducing your meat intake just one day a week can have wonderful side effects on the planet and your body.

What is your New Year’s resolution? How do you stick to the positives? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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