Behind the Scenes of the FW16 Photoshoot!

Photographer, Sara Forrest & Assistant Dan Orlow
Hair and Makeup Artist, Mariolga Pantazopoulos, Model, Nikki Stalling & Stylist, Lauren Davolio
Digital Tech, Rob Coshow & Model, Nikki Stalling
Photography Assistant, Leonard Mazzone and Videographer, Shane Godfrey
Photographer Sara Forrest with assistants Dan Orlow and Leonard Mazzone
Makeup Artist, Mariolga Pantazopoulos & Stylist, Lauren Davolio
Digital Tech, Rob Coshow, Photographer, Sara Forrest, Stylist Lauren Davolio, Model, Nikki Stalling & Hair and Makeup Artist, Mariolga Pantazopoulos
Photographer, Sara Forrest
Leonard Mazzone, Sara Forrest, Maria Del Mar Rosario & Rob Coshow
Model Maria Del Mar Rosario & Makeup Artist Kacie Corbelle
Model Maria Del Mar Rosario & Videographer’s Meg Elkinton and Shane Godfrey
Hair & Makeup Artist Kacie Corbelle & Stylist Janine Maggiore
Creative Lead, Darren Bult and his son, (future photographer) Noah

Sometimes in life the universe is on your side and through a lot of hard work and a little luck, things will fall into place beautifully.

That’s what happened when we ventured to the north and south points of the Massachusetts coast to shoot our Fall 2016 collection.  We started out the week in Cape Cod.  Every Bostonian’s favorite summer haven was relaxed and quiet during the off season, but it’s charm was still present.  We then ventured up to the quaint town of Rockport on the North Shore. The rocky shoreline and picturesque town was an ideal location.  Our incomparable team, including world class photographer Sara Forrest came together to tell a story of our Earth and Earthies girl.  Sara is photographer and director who specializes in visual lifestyle projects.  She has this laid back quality about her, but don’t be fooled by her cool demeanor, Sara’s ability to take charge and direct is inspiring.  She has a clear vision of what she want’s, knows how to achieve it, but is always conscious of whats necessary for the Earth Brand.  Our team included fashion stylist, Lauren Divolio & Janine Maggiore, hair and makeup artists, Mariolga Pantazopoulos & Kacie Corbelle, Videographer’s, Meg Elkinton & Shane Godfrey, Assistants Leonard Mazzone, Dan Orlow & Andrew Umbrianna, Creative lead, Darrin Bult, Assistant Art Director, Sara Bamber, Production Assistant Christina DeVaughn and our fearless leader, Earth Brands Marketing Direction Katie Dobbs.


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