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Blog by Sara: Traveling is good for your soul, promotes creativity, relieves stress and increases your connection with other cultures. I love to travel as much as I can and I just recently came back from my honeymoon in Scotland. I had such an amazing time exploring the city and experiencing the Scottish culture. My husband and I stayed in Scotland’s capitol called Edinburgh. I’ve been to Scotland before, many years ago, but my husband’s never been and I was excited to show him this beautiful city. Before we headed out to catch our flight, I planned out exactly what I was going to wear each and every day because of the 50-pound luggage limit. It is almost impossible for me to not go over! I love fashion and I always have. I take pride in what I wear and always try and look presentable, even if I am going to just run errands or go hiking, so packing was especially a long project for me! I tried my best to plan out exactly what we were going to do every day so I can know what outfit would be appropriate to wear for those activities.

Of course, part of every outfit is picking out the ideal pair of shoes to wear. I used to not care about the comfort aspect of my shoes, only the style. Back in college, I didn’t even care if I ruined my feet with blisters and cuts just so I can wear the perfect heels out. Now that I am getting a little older, finding the perfect pair of shoes that are stylish and comfortable is key and a staple for me. The one pair of shoes that I wore multiple days in Scotland were the Ivy Sahara heels. I was surprised these were so comfortable right out of the box. I am not a heel person necessarily anymore, but I wanted to bring a pair to elevate my style when we went out for dinner every night. These were perfect and so comfortable! All Earth shoes come with their signature cushioned footbed that has the Powerpath technology inside to help energize and uplift every step. The Ivy Sahara also has amazing arch support which is perfect for me because I have a very high arch in both feet and the more support the better. These were also ideal for Scotland because the city of Edinburgh has so many hills and stairs. You would think wearing sneakers in this city would be best, but the Ivy Sahara heels really held its own! The style and color were ideal with my style. The neutral color really went with every outfit I had. I highly recommend these shoes and of course Scotland!

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