Traveling in Earth

Blog by Maddy: Comfortable shoes when traveling are a NECESSITY because of the long hours in the airport, miles of sightseeing and everything in between. When on vacation the last thing you, or anyone wants for that matter is hearing complaints about how much your feet hurt. But, you don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort right? It’s hard to find the balance between super cute and comfortable shoes but Earth shoes provide the perfect balance of both. From first hand experience, they are awesome for any sort of adventure you plan on taking.

My family recently returned from a trip to Italy and my sister, mom and I solely relied on Earth shoes to do all of our walking and traveling. And let me tell you, these shoes were just what we needed.

For the flight, I wore Earth’s Journey Ramble sneakers in white. I wanted a closed-toe shoe because airport floors can be pretty grimy, and going through security barefoot was not on my agenda. I’ve worn these with no-show socks or regular socks and both looked great! These sneakers are so comfortable and were perfect for rushing around the airport to catch our connecting flights. I also changed into a dress once I got to Italy because it was so hot and the sneakers went great with both my leggings and the dress!

On this trip, we traveled to thirteen cities, including Florence, Siena, Vernazza, Portofino, Tuscany and so many more. Every single day my mom, sister and I wore our Earth shoes. We each packed only two or three pairs because they are so versatile and seriously match any outfit! A bonus is that these shoes are lightweight which helped when trying to keep our carry-on’s under eighteen pounds. Earth shoes took us so many places. The first place being the leaning tower of Pisa, where I wore Earth’s Pine Toba sandals in the color sand.

Next I wore the same pair of shoes, Earth’s Pine Toba, but in black. I wore these through the winding, cobblestone streets of Tellaro. These shoes are like all-terrain sandals, and definitely give you some height which I love. I had no trouble walking down the steep streets and I looked good doing it. (Disclaimer: these sandals are my favorite pair of Earth shoes I own, hands down).

My sister wore Earth’s Sand Havana sandals in white. I own these in the color “alpaca 2” and love both colors just the same. These shoes are great to slide on when on the go. I’m all about comfort and have found that in the past, most slip-on sandals I’ve owned never stay on my feet comfortably. With these shoes, I have no problem with that!

The third pair of shoes I wore were Earth’s Grove Fuji in white. I wore these on a cheese tour and to a cooking class in Parma. We also went to Florence, where my sister rocked her colorful Earth shoes.

If it wasn’t obvious, to say my family loves these shoes is an understatement. But how could we not? They’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve owned and they are so cute! Not to mention they are reasonably priced and match any outfit. So if you’re planning a trip and looking for some new kicks, check out Earth. They will not disappoint.

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