Walk Your World at Stan’s Fit For Your Feet in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We had the pleasure of chatting with Megan Sajdak, the Director of Marketing from Stan’s Fit For Your Feet in Milwaukee to get a glimpse into her life at Stan’s in Milwaukee!

Megan Sajdak, Marketing Director at Stan’s

What makes Milwaukee such a special city?

Megan:  Milwaukee is an amazing city rich with culture, music, an outstanding culinary scene, adventurous and scenic outdoor activities, and humans who are proud of their home!  There is a great trend for the Buy Local retail movement and the continuation of development in the city, not only in retail but also in infrastructure.


How did you get into the Shoe Industry?

Megan:  I am the third generation in our family business, Stan’s Fit For Your Feet.  Stan is my grandfather and shoes have always been in my blood. As I continue to develop my career within the Shoe Industry, the people I meet, the excitement of new technology and fashion, and seeing it evolve over the years, constantly amazes me.

Wisconsin is famous for cheese and beer, but is there a hidden gem that we may not know about?

Megan: Wisconsin is way beyond cheese and beer.  Yes I am a fan of both, but the hidden gem of Milwaukee is the culinary scene with many farm-to-table restaurants that use local ingredients.  The development and trend of local businesses goes beyond the dinner plate, including local stores, boutique, etc.  There is truly a dedicated, determined work ethic here in Milwaukee.

Do you have a favorite spot in town?

Megan: There are so many great dining spots in Milwaukee!  A few of my local favorites are Rocket Baby Bakery on North Avenue – the bread is out of this world and their pastries are exceptional! For lunch, St. Paul’s Fish Market’s at the Public Market in the Third Ward District has the best Lobster Roll.  It’s better than any Lobster Roll that I’ve had on the East Coast.  For dinner, Movida for Spanish Tapas is one of my favorites!  The Sangria is outstanding!  And for a very classy dinner I would recommend any of the Bartalotta Restaurants – quality food, quality dining, and a local family business!

One of the most beautiful walks is Lake Park, there are gorgeous bridges, greenery and lush bluffs that overlook Lake Michigan. If you go a little south, you will see the beautiful Villa Terrace, a mansion with a robust garden.  Another more wilderness hike is at Schlitz Audubon in Bay Side. Schlitz Audubon is an educational nature center and preserve with great paths, beach front and a lookout tower!

Tapas Lake Michigan

How would you describe Stan’s Fit for your Feet to someone who has never been there before?

Megan:  Stan’s is a locally owned and operated sit and fit shoe store with fashions from all over the world.  We do not compromise fashion for comfort. Our Fit Specialists or Certified Pedorthists will be ready to serve you with one-on-one service.  We have a digital foot scanner as well; to show the pressure points in your feet and to better fit you.  We shop the world for the best footwear and bring it to Milwaukee to fulfill your fashion, comfort and lifestyles needs.

What is your philosophy towards work?

Megan: I work to live and I love what I do.  It’s about making a friend, which is what Stan, my grandpa always used to say.  Yes, we need to run a healthy business to stay in business but for me it’s more important to impact someone’s life in a great way.  Fitting someone with a pair of shoes can literally change a life, the way someone walks, the comfort of their body on the job, the comfort of their feet while they are doing a physical activity, etc. We see our impact everyday helping someone out at our stores. A pair of shoes or accessory is an investment and there is a lot of competition out there so if someone decides to work with us, I feel like my job is accomplished.

We truly see the impact of giving and changing a life with our Share-A-Pair shoe drive, where we collect new or gently used shoes and donate them locally to Repairers of the Breach or Father Gene’s HELP Center.  We also donate to Soles4Souls, a national non-profit.  This is truly partnering with our community and customers to help individuals in our backyard, getting them back on their feet.  A pair of shoes can allow individuals in need to go to a job interview, church, or have protection from mother nature’s elements.

How do your customers feel about Earth Brand Shoes?

Megan:  Our customers love the Earth brand!  Not only is the brand ageless and understandable, the product is comfortable and fashionable.  We have a loyal customer-base who has latched onto the Earth brand and have become loyal Earth customers!

Claire Stans Staff

What’s your favorite style for this season?

Megan:  My favorite style for Spring is that white is back!  I am loving the light floral of the Earth Tangelo.  It’s feminine, yet understandable.  I can’t wait to wear mine once the weather gets warmer!

What is it about Stan’s that your customers love?

Megan:  From a survey we asked a couple months ago, I am confident to say that overall customers love our selection of quality styles and brands, our knowledgeable and helpful staff, and great sized and widths to accommodate all different size feet.




  • Hinda Sack
    4 years ago

    Love love love your new Kalso Earth Magic sandals. Would love to see a closed shoe built on the same last with the cushioned thicker footbed and the great arch support. I’m heading to Europe on vacation, would love to have a walking shoe with those characteristics. Pretty Please!!

    Also thanks for bringing back the old Solar last. And the introduction of the Kharma style. I like the fit and the look, though the sock lining needs an upgrade. See my comment on the shoe.

    • Earth Shoes
      4 years ago

      Thanks for your note Hinda. We will pass it along to our designers! Have an amazing vacation.

    4 years ago

    I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis where my talus had collapsed and my ankles are auto fusing. I could cry telling you this but Earth shoes have given me life! I can wear your shoes without wincing in pain and I can be on trend. I’m going to Washington D.C. to advocate in September again wearing Earth shoes on my feet. They’re the only reason I’ll be able to walk through the Capitol. Believe me, I learned my lesson with that a few years back! There isn’t much more to say here other than thank you! THANK YOU!

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