What are Your Goals for the Spring Season?

Seen above: Earthies Nova Sandal

Are you a beach person or a pool person? Perhaps the thought of a gentle breeze, the waves lapping up against the shore, and sand between your toes is your ultimate soothing paradise. Maybe swimming gracefully through a warm, sunny pool tickles your fancy. Or perhaps, if you’re like us, being outside surrounded by sunshine sounds wonderful – regardless of where you are enjoying it!

As the winter begins to fade away and the weather gets balmier, it’s time to start thinking about your summer goals. What do you want to accomplish once spring sets in? With the flowers blooming, nature is experiencing a time of rebirth and renewal, and so should you! The change in the seasons is a great time to think through and renew the goals you set at the beginning of the year and to create new to-do’s.

No matter what your overarching hopes for this year, start thinking of them in the context of the outdoors. Do you want to pay off debt? Try to find a side job that allows you to be outside, like helping someone move or coaching a softball team. Hoping to make fitness a key part of your lifestyle? Pencil in trail runs, walks throughout the neighborhood, or regular Sunday morning bike rides. Want to spend more time with your loved ones? Plan a vacation somewhere you’ve never been, or schedule a weekly dinner at your favorite restaurant. Yearning to create a closet filled with quality pieces you’ll actually wear? Shop outdoor malls or boutiques in your area.

Seen above: Earthies Roma Sandal

We also encourage you to check out Earthies new spring line of gorgeous, quality shoes to help you enjoy the summer breeze in style. From sandals to strappy slip-ons to heels that elevate you to new heights, Earthies fashionable creations will help you accomplish even your toughest goals with poise and grace in mind.

Seen above: Earthies Sora Sandal

Earthies’ new sandals offer the comfort and cushion you know from Earth brands with trendy embellishments that elevate even the most casual outfit. Strappy, elegant sandals – like the Roma – help you enjoy the poolside sun and allow you to dress up or down. Casual sandals – like the Sora – help you enjoy beach-y soirees with ease.

Seen above: Earthies Capri Flat 

Flats take you from the office to your child’s practice to a night out with simplicity and fashion by your side. Whether you’re traipsing through the sand or sipping a glass of wine on the pier, the comfortable, gorgeous Capri flats strap you in and let your style soar.

Seen above: Earthies Siena Ankle Bootie

Speaking of soaring to new heights, Earthies’ Siena heeled ankle booties are perfect for a fancy night on the town. If you’re out to dinner or off dancing the night away, Earthies heels are perfect for your fashion sense and for the comfort of your feet.

No matter how you hope to spend this spring season, let Earthies guide you there. Between a stylish flair and a comfortable sole, these springtime beauties can’t be beat.

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